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Law of Attraction Key Concept: Detachment (Avoid Resistance)

The Human Collective
Published on 26 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

A key concept of the Law of Attraction is Detachment. When comes to detachment, it's important to understand why you must to let go of the outcome and to allow it to happen on the path of least resistance. There are two main reasons that detachment is so powerful. Because when you detach from something having to happen or a certain way that you want it to happen, when you detach from that perspective and you let it go, you stop limiting yourself from the different ways that it could be brought into your life.

The second reason detachment is so powerful is because when we detach from the outcome, we then let go of the resistance that tends to build up inside of our body. Because if we walk around attached to it and things aren't happening the exact way that we want, we then start to feel the resistance of it. That resistance will literally block the opportunities from coming into our life. Because, as I always say, we don't necessarily attract that which we want but we always get a reflection of who we are being.

Avoiding resistance to situations in your life by practicing conscious detachment. Remember, 'what you resist, persists'. This means that by focusing your thoughts and energy on things that you don't want, you unknowingly attract them into your physical world.

The power of thought and how it affects your subconscious mind power can often be overlooked if you have been using the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires. Thoughts create things or circumstances in your life. This very idea is how the Law of Attraction works. We attract what we project into the universe with out thoughts, emotions, actions, and beliefs.

A very effective way to make the Law of Attraction work you would be to increase your vibration through positive thinking, meditation, and visualization. The key to making idea that thoughts create things work for you is to affirm your belief, hold the thought in your mind (visualization), and believe that what you are affirming will manifest in Divine Timing (Law of Gestation).

Doing these things will work to reprogram your subconscious mind to accept your beliefs, rather than contradict what you want to manifest. Your thoughts create your reality when pair with feeling or emotion. The Law of Attraction is one of the many powerful Universal Laws that affect our reality. The Law of Attraction can work to bring you positive outcomes, or negative. The very best way to avoid attracting negative outcomes in your life is to constantly be in a state of positive thinking.

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