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Latest ‘Drain-The-Swamp’ News - Monday, 23rd of November - Morning Coffee Edition

Stroppy Me
Stroppy Me - 1,049 Views
Published on 23 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics
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Ubetcha 2 months ago

Sidney and Lin Wood are representing "WeThe People"(TheConstitution) against the Dominion( of darkness) and all others involved in the election fraud. They are positioning the warriors before the attack. The President is insulated and safe.Fasten your seatbelt and you may need more than popcorn while watching this friends. But Google this"Fraud Vitiates Everything." The "Kracken on Steroids "is being released. We know God wins. All four swing states will have their appeals heard by conservative Justices. 3rd district Judge Alito= Penn.
6th district Judge Kavanaugh= Michigan
7th district Judge Barrett= Wisconsin
11th district Judge Thomas=
See the possibilities? Much love to you brother Stroppy!

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shiftintohigh 2 months ago

Sounds right to me too Stroppy!

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Tom Noyb
Tom Noyb 2 months ago

Flynn jr's telling us Sydney is another torpedo in the water, aimed at DS (remember DS are inside US-gov't). Rumor-mill says there were various conflicts-of-interest that may arise and that Sydney's independence ensures those won't disrupt overall goals. Barr's already rumored to be pursuing Q. Campaign has similar limitations. A solo Sydney has no such restrictions. Apparently Patriots have fully-funded Sydney's efforts, so her torpedo is armed and the Kraken will be released.

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Tom Noyb
Tom Noyb 2 months ago

If ClA coordinated the steal, judge might rule Trump conflicted, since they work for him? Also, it's Trump's job to reprimand rogue-agencies, furthering his conflict. These and others are avoided because Sydney's outside gov't and outside the campaign.

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Wendy Fryer
Wendy Fryer 2 months ago

I think Powell overstepped when she outed Kemp. He needs to be pressured to certify correctly. SheShe was not authorized to give out classified info. Or she did it with instruction by trump. To get the word out and separate from trump campaign. Either way she is a patriot

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Fattyz 2 months ago

I hope you can block the comments . Your reports are excellent and don’t deserve to be polluted . Nobody knows what’s going on? The news about Sydney was disturbing haha, you get attached ! We need someone speaking with authority who can say this is going to be handled properly. The 24 hr rule in effect, as if Monday wasn’t bad enough? Cheers from Boston mate!

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