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Late 1980s William Cooper Was Tricked by Freemasons (MJ-12) into Following ET-Aliens Scam

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Published on 08 Dec 2022 / In People and Blogs

Bus since then, Cooper realized that he was played by US-Freemasons and Templars providing him with false-secret-documents supporting ET-Aliens... just like Philip Schneider was tricked by them, too, but Phil never figured out that scam. Phil shot a couple Remnant-Lumanian

It is like those flat-earther-frauds tricking the gullible ones. (Cult minions think it is magical to trick, but everyone is in some level of trance while physically "alive." The Creator-God want you to show your true colors while entranced into physical life, you see. Your truer being is spiritual, not physical. You lovingly grow your soul or wickedly destroy your soul. The devils play their wicked-roles for sapiens to make that choice of which world-view feels right for them, you see. And it is a miraculous world, indeed. It is highly suggested to live a life of integrity and good-intentions for others... The way Cooper and Schneider tried to live their lives before the assassinations. Death is not what it seems, they did well for themselves from their own perspective and with the Creator-God backing them.) If you fear the afterlife then you best change your worldview now because their is no shortchanging death with some fake mind-upload into an A.i. supercomputer, Luciferians.

The Mystery School thUgs lost interest in using and playing Cooper because he got too wise to be easily manipulated, so they assassinated him with gun-powder burn speculations just after the 9/11 demolition( even with it's imploding of Building-7 which was never touched by impacts...)
I am amazed that the non-Cult people could not expose Building-7 (Bill was gonna!) to their non-Cult-sworn masses and the sheeple never gathered to root-out the Freemason-saboteurs , but just like JFK's magic-bullet, anyone who spoke-out was soon assassinated or culled from the rest of the sheeple.(Freemasons hard a work, you see) Lots of secret killings happened after JFK and 9/11... Freemasonry was very busy, just like now, clot-shotting all the willing sheeple. I've had hundreds of attempts upon my life but the Creator-God's design of the universe protects me and you will be protected too, so never give-in to the liars and never go-along, willy-nilly, to get along with tyranny, always plan to expose the truth with integrity, that is what your Creator-God will help you with.
Make your plans and implement them before they covertly brainchip you... never fall asleep with untrusted people and always chain or deadbolt your doors, never trust key-locks while freemason locksmiths are around. And they are always around.

Cooper said the sheeple would gather in the thousands as long as he supported ET-Aliens, but lost their support when he began to question Pleiades and Orion visiting Aliens. Well there aren't any from those stars, there are just the local, ancient, failed-mankind, Homo capensis, who plays their roles as the wicked devils. Oh you better believe they are here pretending to barter for the souls of wicked humans. But our Creator-God does not allow anyone to sell their soul, so it is humourous to see so many Luciferians convinced that their souls are sold. They are not sold, but they need to understand that their souls are shrivelling-up and in a state of decay as compared to the growing, loving-souls that they think the devils help them to murder with ancient technologies like A.i.

All-That-Is only allows one to destroy their own soul, so the Sethbooks teach us.

The only other hominids around today are those ancient Homo capensis thUgs and their little "starchild" worker-brainchip-slaves that Lloyd Pye exposed:

News: I can no longer find which was Coopers main site 20 years ago.
I find it amazing that not enough americans could support the past efforts of Cooper to even keep his gallant efforts alive and on the internet. It appears to be gone with all his recording... can only find his works on now and odd posted videos.

I will have to try to revive it myself but I have freemasons killing my websites, destroying my vehicles, poisoning my foods, giving me bouts of 7 days straight of insomnia... I guess I have to keep helping the sheeple who just watch and baaaa until a mason almost kills them... maybe they can awaken to the reality of this Luciferian takeover.


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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Sethbooks claim that the Second-Coming will be complete by 2075: So calm down, the devils will be dealt with. Root them out and place with their minions.

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citvdelblvck 2 months ago

ET concept has always been very attractive to people. They will crawl over each other clawing and screaming and squirting rather than believing in the one true God and his son Jesus Christ.

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