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Last Night, California D.O.J. made public gun owner's personal information

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Published on 04 Jul 2022 / In Firearms

Late last night, 500,000 Gun Owners (CCW Holders, etc) in California personal information was released by the CA Dept of 'Justice' on their website (Link below)

Here is the thread I was alerted to:
**(Thanks to CG)

The California DOJ posted:
**(thanks to Betfair39)

for CCW holders:
Full name, DOB, addresses , County, Gender, Race, CCW Status / date, CCW permit #

Issue Date, DOB, ID/CDL #, FSC #

(Dealer Record of Sale)
Race, Gender, DOB, the gun store the transaction took place, date of transaction, type of transaction, gun make, model, and type. This does NOT include gun serial numbers.

Here is the link to the CA DOJ website (that is currently broken)

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T 2207
T 2207 2 months ago

DROS = Dealer Record of Sale.. All Gun Stores/Dealers must have buyer fill one out.

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Gun Websites
Gun Websites 1 month ago

thank you

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