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Lahaina Maui Fires THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCHOOL BUSES & 2K Missing Children starkeyfarmstead.mp4

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Published on 13 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

Lahaina Maui Fires THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCHOOL BUSES & 2K Missing Children starkeyfarmstead
Starkey Farmstead
WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN CONCLUSION: you wanted the truth. May it give you peace #maui #children

Starkey Farmstead


When you hear about school buses missing in Lahaina. When you hear about tunnels in Lahaina. When you hear about secret CARGO helicopters with attached boxes underneath that were seen flying in the air during the massive fires. When you hear about dozens of morgue trucks in lahaina. When you hear about good marines coming to save the day in Lahaina and there was a gunfight.

When you hear about 180 bodies floating in the water. When you hear them talking about seeing bodies in the destroyed "burned down to total ashes" houses. When you hear about 2k missing children that are dead or being trafficked. When you hear about Blue everywhere but never told about ALL the NOT blue cars that survived, and NOT blue houses standing. btw speaking of blue roofs in china and oprah having a blue roof should of been a red flag that its an OBVIOUS BLATANT lie, she doesnt and them chinese dont either. When you hear about "the water was turned off" but not a single witness said that their water "was off" but ALL did say their electricity was off.

When you NEVER hear about the huge elephant in the room which is "Why were the firetrucks MIA that day? Where is all the footage of firetrucks battling those fire??" When you are told the sparks and hot embers were flying and thats why xyz fire happened, but never told that the Huge Hyatt Lahaina Shores Building which would of ,or should of, had tons of ember hits but it was left standing with barely a scratch. When you are told a HOT LIVE pole line in the afternoon is what started the fire but NOT told ALL witnesses said that their electricity was OFF when they woke up in the morning on the 8th.

When you are told tons of people were burned in their cars but NEVER told to just go look at the vids of people on the ocean shore and some standing in the water, and pay close attention to the background and look at their cars .. and drumroll.. NONE exploded YET.. proving as I said often ,that people didnt just sit in their cars for hours, and then their cars blew up with them inside.. NO most if not all, got out of their cars and survived thank god.


If you have been told ALL these things and gave them credence then..... TAG YOU'RE IT.. You've been psyop'd.. Please stop being "so easily fooled" by these LIEs....

The Psyop & LIES are getting more extensive and clever and look to be very well coordinated. Think NSA think Intelligence Agencies Think Q rebranded. Lets call it QL.. Q Lahaina... They are playing you ALL like violins please see it clearly for what it is....

Heck the simple issue of schools should of been a red flag. And the High 2K number should of been RED FLAG that it's a LIE.. First why was it said at first less than 1000 missing school children? Then out of the blue this bs high 2k number is said.. Where did that come from? I'll tell where, its called lying with numbers. For example the largest school in Lahaina the High School has only 1000 students... That's it! Just 1 thousand its the largest biggest school in lahaina.. So isn't it obvious the 2k number on its face is a load of bullshit. How to LIE with statistics ring a bell for anyone? Hasn't the last 3 yrs with the covid clown world show and the news and officials lying every day 24/7 like a broken record and lying with statistic taught us anything??? They are lying with numbers and statistics big time, and you believe them? How to LIE with statistics works indeed.......

AND When you are told the schools closed early and sent all the kids home to be home alone. BUT NEVER were told that the schools were still on summer break. The new school year and first day of school was to be on Aug 9th. The fire was on Aug 8th. Meaning most schools were still closed and the schools haven't even started the new school year yet. Read that again and again until it sinks in please.

Remember as I said the high school started the school year on the 9th the next day after the fires, so they didnt start the new school year YET.. the 8th was only for freshman and new students orientation class .. AND the "school is closed alert" went out at the high school BEFORE 7am on the 8th.. That means there was NO SCHOOL BUSES that picked up kids to take them to school. There was no 9th graders or orientation class for ANY KIDS that arrived at the school.

BTW why on earth am I the only person who has researched this and figured it out??? And so so many "so called" independent content creators haven't done even simple research to find out this easy to find out info?? ... Its shameful..They are telling all their loyal followers AND TELLING YOU the worst about the kids and scaring the shit out of them and YOU and stressing out their followers, BUT they arent even researching it to find out the truth???

This is awful and shameful incompetence or shameful deception on the part of so so many "so called" independent news people.. They should know better or they should be called out for being control ops. And if they are reading this right now, YES i'm looking at you, if you call yourself an independent news researcher and read my very long post here... Get your shit together and stop knowing LYING and scaring the shit out of your loyal followers. This Horror Lahaina Fires Disaster and Horrid Devastation speaks for itself, and doesn't need to have any lies INJECTED into the story as you are doing........Go to the mirror and bitch slap yourself a few times.

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