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KX500AF Rear Steer Machine! North Las Vegas 12Mar2022

Published on 13 Mar 2022 / In Sports

This model year 2008 Kawasaki was considered a rear steer bike. 22 degree offset on the front end. If you raise the forks you can get it decent but then you loose high speed stability. I believe Kawasaki went to 21 degrees in 2010 with solved the understeer problem. It's okay until you're trying to turn in really soft dried out gravel and sand especially at slower speeds then the bike has a mind of it's own! If you want to turn quick at more moderate speeds you lock up the rear wheel and whip it around otherwise you're going to wash out the front end! Takes me a few rides to relearn how to turn quick on this model year Kawasaki compared to my other machines!

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