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Knights of the Roundtable 3 - Truth of Mankind's Existence- Charlie and Colleen Freak

Morpheus 9-11
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Published on 23 Nov 2022 / In Spiritual

We're bringing back the Knights of the Roundtable with another fantastic discussion. Tonight we'll be seeing some new faces on the FreakSense scene, but their added gnosis is sure to blow you away... We'll have the regulars of Charlie and Colleen, along with Justin, Aaron, and Pam but also very excited to have joined us the following:

Darth Phaedrus "Dark to light" has selflessly shared his gnosis concerning the great inversion of our reality in "Q Based Metaphysics" and also spoken of the practice of healing through Jin Shin Jyutsu in "Healing with the Life Force". He has just begun to share his wealth of experience involving these higher truths and we are very excited to have him on today. See the previous presentations below:

Benjamin Carter is an incredibly brilliant aspect of the FreakSense community... You might have noticed his in-depth writings in comments and posts throughout the space over time, and he's ready to jump onto the scene. His focus centers around meditation and breathing and how these are such foundational practices to really gain a balanced approach to this experience. To see more of Benjamin and his gnosis, check out his Telegram channel "The Divine 52 Intervention"

Re-Know is a man with a passion for healing and community... His incredible experience around fasting and health really inspires so many to jump right into to this journey of reclaiming our health. And then paired with his love for our fellow man and his good, kind-hearted nature, he creates a beautiful opportunity for many to feel welcome to share their journey. So that we can all learn together... He also inspires through song, evoking such a comforting nature in all who spend time with him. His channel "Healing is a Feeling" has regular chats every Monday to help us all stay centered and true, but also feel comfortable sharing all that we are.

These beautiful guests are sure to bring such a powerful experience for us all to learn. So enjoy the gnosis shared and the camaraderie built! Show begins at 5PM Pacific, 7PM Central, 8PM Eastern, 1AM UK, 9AM Perth, 12PM Sydney

From Charlie Freak:
"Please remember friends that Colleen and I take care of 73 Animals here at our Shire Animal Rescue Sanctuary, if you can comfortably afford to donate a little towards the costs of caring for our precious Family, we would greatly appreciate it...if you cannot afford to help, you can help in other ways, including sending us your Intentions of Love, of Strength and of can send a monetary donation to:

Or to the Givesendgo Page that Justin Carpenter set up to help our Rescued Animals,

Charlie's books:
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Aaron X Jesse:

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