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Knights Templar Acquired Switzerland as their Refuge Before Going Underground 374,142 Bunkers Protect Cult Stolen Gold

JamesRoss - 228 Views
Published on 01 Apr 2023 / In Travel and Events

Knight Templar Acquired Switzerland as their Refuge Before Going Underground. Putin speaks fluent Swizz-German. Everyone is bunker-ed into their basements, too. The pirates will protect their stolen treasures with their "Pirates Code."

Back before the assassination of William Cooper by Freemasons and Knights Templars, he exposed Switzerland as the Seat of World Power

Switzerland is guided by the Vatican or the "Divining Serpent." That means the ancient species of Homo capensis or the failed species of mankind tells the Freemasons of Switzerland what to do.
Since WW2 gold is stored in switzerland, they need a great deal of protection hidden from notice.

Study the videos of Dr. Sean Hross in order to realize just how sneaky the Vatican's Knights Templar can be.

It appears that the Luciferians (freemasons) systematically blame the scape-goat Jews to hide themselves. When I expose the Mystery School cult of Luciferians, they comment blaming the Jews instead... it's a pattern.

The Pharaoh Show by Sean Hross

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