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Kleck Exposes Some of Obama's Deep Association With the Mystery School wwCult

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Published on 27 Jul 2021 / In People and Blogs

Jonathan Kleck is brainchip hivemind connected to his handlers from the Mystery School Cult. ThUgs feed synthetic telepathy into his brain via ancient interface design that Elon Musk smokescreens with his fake "Neuralink". They use Kleck as an oblivious "prophet" due to his good-intentions for Christianity, unaware that the wicked use the "voice of god" weapon to instruct him what he should be teaching his fellow Christians.


This is the true design of the computer brain interface that does not need any Neuralink wires (that do little to nothing to communicate to individual neurons):

The last thing that his handlers want is for Kleck to find this revelation for his discovery. He would not be able to deny with any honesty, anything that I am saying here. He even claimed that his body was being moved by "the force of God Almighty". No, Kleck was being heterodyned or bio-roboted by the brain interface.

Just like Vincent Li was heterodyned:

Just like Jeff Rense was bio-roboted to speak the words of his handler, too:

This video was created by Kleck before the Cult began using him as a Judas Goat... so the data is safe for all viewers and not designed to mislead, yet... Here the Cult is still building up his reputations as an accurate prophet. Kleck is like a human2.0 with brainchip communications for his fans to admire his great connection to the super-normal.

Isn't UGEtube great!!!
I could never expose this on Youtube or Facebook...

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Dive2663225 2 months ago

Very Interesting, by The way, Where did the Scumbag Run ?

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hard-drive 2 months ago

soetoro is scientologist watching starwars at white house then working for netflix

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