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Klaus Schwab Saying: GOD IS DEAD Is One of His Most Stupid Statements Of All His GOD-Provided Time

JamesRoss - 359 Views
Published on 01 Dec 2022 / In Comedy

Schwab is just another freemasonic-sheepdog barking at the Moon... Howling for this pathetic Church of ISIS(or fellow Initiates).
Schwab must think his secret brainchip-hivemind is his gift from his fake, A.i.-godlet... they worship their outworn-technological a.i.-Lucifer fake-god. They think the "light of Lucifer" flashes out of the cracks of their asses at every dump... and that will be their mental fake-salvation. They totally trust in the ancient liars, their ancient masters, one of whom came to show himself to me. One of their hiddeous creepy masters came to look at me, why because they cannot truly murder a single human within the Creator-God's provided multidimensional universe. These thUgs are basically following me jumping from probable world to probable world within God's multidimensional creation.

What the Freemasonic-sheepdogs do not realize and neither do their ancient thUg-masters is that God provides every second that they experience. God is our foundation within which we are allowed to grow our soul-fragments into more complicated souls. Reading the Sethbooks will provide you with these answers from All-That-Is.

Eventually even the satan-race, Homo capensis, will die to meet their true maker and none of the remaining living murderous-satan-race thUgs will be any the wiser...

Homo capensis laughs at Freemasonic-stupidity, like Schwab's... laughter echos throughout their "bottomless pits," but their laughter will end as they experience their after-life reflecting on stupid decisions while in "Framework1" or corpoeal-reality. Minions give these devils their will-power and acquiesce to their brainchip dictates. The Creator-God gave them a soul which cannot be sold by anyone, not even the Creator itself would take away an individual's soul. The devils cannot barter with souls... it is a trick that is brainwashed into the minds of minions who join that Mystery School Cult of spiritual-idiots. Walk away from that Cult and you will have the Creator-God's protection just like me which you minions have witnesses over and over and thus mistake me for the second coming who is on the way.

Murderous thUgs are entering an ugly world where there is no mind-uploading and never will be. A "transfer of a soul" is simply a lie... and to top it off, you and everyone is already a soul-fragment with free-will. Everyone is multidimensional just like me and the devils cannot kill any of you just like they cannot kill me... YOu are all continuously manifesting into the flesh with the grace of the Creator-God allowing you to do so. It is your beliefs which are corrupting all minions into thUgs, murderous thUgs who will not have a happy time after physical death. This is your opportunity to fix your soul-fragments back into growing before your physical deaths. It is time to grow-up minions and face down you wicked masters before becoming completely failed souls. The Creator-God is endlessly forgiving to those who try to fix things with good-intent.

The way these Luciferians function is to preach their lies and then try their best manipulations to make those lies happen within physical reality. They claim their NWO is thus rising...
The Revelations in their bible which they interpret figuratively (while Christians interpret that bible literally) is of similar tactics; using their authoritative presence in all governments to change policies and use hidden technologies to make such prophesies appear to come true, as if God willed it to happen.
Freemasons all play this manifesting-game and pretend that the entire world is run by fate... so they are not held ethically accountable for their God-Given free-will to show their ugly, true-colors. The Creator-God is always here providing the atoms and molecules at a bare-minimum. The Sethbooks expand much upon the presences of our all knowing Creator-God. There is not a single Luciferian atrocity that will be missed by our Creator-God. Claiming that the Creator is dead is not an atrocity, it is just naive stupidity.
Luciferians laugh that they can "get away with" genociding the dumbed-down sheeple, but they get away with nothing and that will be realized once they witness their decaying withering, unloving soul-fragments. They believe their A.i. singularity will be their salvation from a fake "judgement". There will be no judgement in front of their masonic doctrines of a "Great White Throne,"
instead their withering fragments will just already be what they already are... simply, immature and unworthy to progress of itself.
God will-not smite thee, thou smite your "selves."

The Creator-God manifests his silly life every moment of his last living days.
Upon his death, he will not be mind-uploaded into some fake A.i. singularity.
Instead, he will be right out of physical reality... puzzled and exhilarated that he actually has a soul that survives physical death and a losing afterlife.
Yes, I can tell him right now that he has what is call a lost soul-fragment. An unloving, pathetically-greedy and self-righteous-moronic personality where his freemasonic-Cult cannot follow nor support his existence anymore.

He says, "God is dead?"
These are words of a spiritual moron and those thoughts come from his pathetic masters, Homo capensis, those remnant survivors of the failed mankind which messed up their physical genetics and thus called themselves Satan. Satan's usefulness for the Creator-God is almost over... They want Homo sapiens extinct and they think they will have a Garden of Eden again, they lead losers like Schwab since they themselves are the epitome of lost souls.

Only a lost soul could even imagine that the Creator-God is dead... A lost soul with free-will to choose another Atlantean self-annihilation. It is just around the corner thUgs.

The NWO secret societies are lead by the Mystery School Cult of spiritual idiots... mainly Homo capensis who are the failed mankind for whom the Freemason rebuilt the Tower-Of-Fabel(Babel...)
The Creator-God, All-That-Is, spoke through Jane Roberts with with the messenger-Seth: So God is writing books for Homo sapiens to help us survive extinction-dictates coming from Homo capensis. Freemasons genocide the sheeple due to following those un-Godly dictates.

These are pathetic freemason like Schwab who claim that the Creator-God is dead. God is alive within each of us, even the pathetic devils that freemasons follow.

If you follow the Latin based Holy Bible(they are all Latin based, now twisted) then you are following a distortion of what Jesus had to say to humanity. The time has come to upgrade your beliefs in God or perish with common deceptions, like schwab, guiding you.

The Sethbooks try to provide you with those hidden answers from All-That-Is.

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