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Kari Lake's election lawsuit goes to the Arizona Supreme Court!

Andrew Zebrun III
Andrew Zebrun III - 142 Views
Published on 13 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

Kari Lake's election lawsuit goes to the Arizona Supreme Court! WEF needs 5K Swiss troops as Russian Naval forces commence an operation no coincidences!
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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 5 months ago

I have said from DAY ONE that Hunter was tired & angry w Joe for forcing him into this sht.
He WANTED to get caught. I thought maybe he had discovered that Joe had sacrificed his mother & sister for career (Satanic - the closest to you, your first born. Look into it. Lady GaGa's bff. son: Cosby. Clapton. Kanye's mother (he finally said it himself), son: Carroll O'Conner, Carol Burnett, Travolta, so many of the rich & famous; I googled it once. Lots more.
Now that I think on it, Ashely Biden may have realized in re-hab that her FATHER is responsible for how fcked up they are. They talk, they agree. Expose him.

Joe is SO blatantly, so apologetically corrupt, that he likely didn't notice they were hurting & would ever do that to him.
So think.
Joe TELLS them (at least Hunter) he had their mother & sister (& maybe even Bo?) killed, and they should STFU & do what they're told. You know the FBI, CIA has the remote controls to cars - learned last week it was something like 280? no idea how many now - computer chips in cars & DO control the vehicles, DO kill ppl that way (I now always have old POS cars). Look at Anne Hache. Terrance Williams. A couple others in L.A. Clintons bringing down planes full of ppl to get 1 or 2 ppl. Do a dig. All can be verified.

So Hunter is pissed. They fight. Joe tells him what he did to Hunter's mom & sister. Hunter hates whore Jill anyway for being a 16 yr old slut & fcking his father while mom & sis are in the hospital DYING. Joe tells H what'll happen if he does not STFU & go along with the program & Ashley agrees w Hunter. It is time. They are done.
They decide to screw him. But deep State saves Joe, as they are not done using him yet.
But they're close, as fake Biden confided to Boris Johnson (on open mic) that he is not really JB & he also has dementia...)
Sound Satanic?


again. research anything I say. So much more....

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