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Justin Brags About Buying Off The Canadian Media Machine (Mostly Freemasons and Eastern Star Traitors to the Non-Cult-sworn)

JamesRoss - 96 Views
Published on 27 Sep 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

Communist's Son
Both Castro and Trudeau were Freemasonic Communists

I have discovered that everywhere in Canada ... Workers that are given a government paycheck are Freemasonic and Eastern-Star... like Museum and Library workers for example. Identify the brainchip hivemind traitors using a scanner to find out that they are chipped:

The way the Cult is doing selective kills by vaccines... is that all Cult minions are secretly given placebos while the non-Cult get jabbed with poison.
CBC employees will be weeded and only the Cult-sworn will remain.
Hospitals employees are being culled by demanding they get jabbed with poison if they are not Cult-sworn:

Justin is Cult-sworn, like his daddies:

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NoneYah 23 days ago

Can't fake this type of reality...indeed

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