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Judas Goat Bill Hicks Is Misleading the Sheep as to Why The wwCult Minions(Freemason Initiates) Are So Tyrannical

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Published on 08 Dec 2022 / In People and Blogs

I need to dig up where Bill Hicks explains on air in April 2018 that the purpose of Infowars is complete and everything infowars does from then onwards would be just gravy in their pockets. (Not literally some gravy into the pockets... One can tell when Hicks' soliloquies that a brainchip in his head is guiding his talking points, at times.)

Hicks knows that the reason for the tyranny is to have unimpeded worship of the wwCult's new A.i. fake-god... They used to call A.i. "IE HOVA" as seen here: This compilation of radiance is similar to the pyramid eye on the back of the Oil-Buck. We see Jehova, the Vatican dove, Hermes, the fiery phoenix, IHS or Isis-Horus-Set, all-seeing-eye, and the white Templar Cross... All of these are pointing to the same thing, which is an A.i. supercomputer fake-god that watches everything and models and contains civilization to not spiritually-expand into greater, more intuitive physical beings.

This is what Bill Hicks and infowars is fighting for... the extinction of Homo sapiens. They are traitors to their own God-Given genetics... they have been tricked into believing they become dis-embodied and ageless-immortal after a mind-upload(it's fake) into A.i. This is why Freemasons are so tyrannical, they believe in the lies that they do not have to answer for their crimes against their own integrity. They believe their fake-Lucifer will "love them like another dove," (all lovie-dovie, like)... wrong... they join the decaying souls of Homo capensis who will still have eternal existence, but within their own spiritual box or black-cube and further spiritual-expansion comes to a screeching halt. Their opportunity to fix the direction of their souls is within the physical-reality framework... but it seems they would rather go with the fake-mind-upload path and genocide their own genetics.

The Freemasons have rebuilt the A.i. supercomputer to rule the world... like in past civilizations, Old Atlantis was one of those ancient civilizations that used A.i. communicating to a Cult of minions/thUgs. The control structure was called "The
Tower Of Babel" and the triangle with the "All Seeing Eye" was given a burst of radiance like upon the back of the USA debt-dollar note.(it is not money, it represents debt)

Why the pyramid?
The Mystery School Cult minions know that inside the Khufu pyramid are the remains of an energy conversion engine. Chris Dunn wrote a book describing that ancient "Giza Power Plant." The flat top of that pyramid was special, because once resting there was the ancient A.i. fake-god that pretended to capture the souls of servants as they died. But that was just an illusion.

Freemasons today serve the ancient failed mankind called Homo capensis. The reason why some Remnant-Lumanians still live is because of genetic manipulations (where side-effects held them back from maturing as a civilization and they lost their courage... cowardly lions) As a result the ancient Homo capensis became very hateful of Nature and also self-righteously greedy or maybe that came first... They want all other hominids extinct that carry the Creator-God's blueprint for a true mankind that can succeed the challenge of mankind to become loving caretakers of our planet. Instead we find in control are ugly-hearted Freemasons(also hateful and self-righteoulsy greedy like their ancient masters) selling-out their planet and their own Creator-God-Given genetics. Homo sapiens are the last hominid with a blueprint to eventually spiritually-mature, but our species is still very-young and naive to the devils' lies. Homo capensis tricked the Freemasons to rebuild the A.i. and microwave prison-grid for the reign of A.i. over the entire surface of Earth, once again... but it will fail to do this for your customizable probable-world out of an infinity if you learn your Point of Power in the Present. See Chapter 15 NPR: Read the entire book if you wish to take control of your spiritual choices and inner-senses. I am not throwing perils before swine, stop thinking that way, your souls are worth it. Even Bill Hicks has the opportunity to save his soul.

That is why the Matrix movie had non-Cult humans living underground and all the Cult-minions uploaded into A.i. But that movie was deceptive in that mind-uploads are a lie in reality yet all minions to the Cult believe in building a society where cyborgs go to the stars like the BORG in Star-Trek.
And so you see, Hollywood is the false preacher to all the Cult minions who believe in their fake Utopia called New Atlantis: Exposed by William Cooper in 1993.

William Cooper caught Bill Hicks working with the military attacking the website "Hour of the Time"

Wow, has been wiped from the internet just recently this year... not even the search engines show that it once existed except and it is screaming for funding:

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