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There's a lab called the Wuhan Novel Respiratory Corona Virus Lab

Land of the Free
Land of the Free - 108 Views
Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

We all know the covid plandemic is very intentional. Whether it's actually just the flu and oodles of fake positives (PCR was never designed to detect viruses) or what, but here is why I included this video...DID YOU KNOW THERE IS ACTUALLY A LAB, IN WUHAN, CALLED THE WUHAN NOVEL RESPIRATORY CORONA VIRUS LAB. Presumably, from before this had all started. I don't actually know if the name is true or not but I wouldn't be surprised if it was...After all, we don't call it the Bat virus, is the Wuhan virus. This plandemic is intentional. And we know that with Fauci's funding they were figuring out how to make the coronavirus more infectious. Smart idea. Not.

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