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Joe FUMBLES All Over Himself, RUINING Any Chance At Victory In 2022!!

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 210 Views
Published on 28 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

Milk Shakes and Moon Pies…

We never landed on the Moon, History is nothing more then STAR WARS and Star Trek called the Great Adventures of the ROMAN WARS, and my Door Dash has yet to tell me why people whom go to the Stores have Empty Shelves, but I can find a Delivery from Kroger to WALMART too HELLO FRESH!!!

I am one of the many whom did not lose his or her mind to the MENTICIDE of the RAPTURE that made so many get left behind…

I see this world of Purgatory as that ONE Thousand Years in the Book of Revelation: where the Many Rebirths of my Soul into one and another has found its Minuets of De-Ja-Vu way back to me as The Son of Man' and The Son of Wombman, and I do wonder` why in this World MALES hate their females and create RELIGION too rape the children in this day and age ever since the end of the MUD FLOOD WARS of 1855 to 1945 as the DUB ASS we call leaders live off of our TAXES too send me and my friends off to WAR, so my World Leader can live like Your Majesties, and Your Excellencies at these U.N. FREE MASON Lodge Meetings for the Stake Holder's of them that Put TESLA Stakes into the Hand of Christ Jesus 1.0 on the Crucifixion.?.?.?

As a Tax Paying [CITIZEN] I have no say in the RULE OF LAW because our World Leaders and our Town Elders are FREE MASON Lodges, and I am nothing more then a non-mason Fellow Citizen of my FLAG, a Flag made by Males whom hate the Womb of what THEY LIVE is and are born of because WE ARE and THEY LIVE are all born into this Purgatorial of the Purgatorium: too be Judge for Whom Done What` as The Wheat and the Tares' into OUR Reality by Time Traversal Machine People from 2045 and 2077 all of whom are no more special than I because we are all still "just" Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body TEMPLES of Temporal Temporary Means…

Maybe I should write a Memorandum, and a Proclamation, and even a "Declaration" that I PAY YOU MY GOVERNMENT as my Employees......., so what gives the (EMPLOYED) the Right to tell the Big Boss Man or Wombman that gives birth to all of life here on earth to do WAR IS MURDER for WAR GAMES that only kill, and destroy our Gentile Babies of the Womb because YOUR FLAG is not My Flag you Fake Jews of Hollywood FROM the Book of Revelation in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME!!!

The Holy Living Biblical has proven to be FACT!!!

From the Koran to the Hindu Scripture........., and the other Biblical of and for Ink on Paper Stacks!!!!

WAR is what "destroys" Our Mother Heaven, and Our Father Earth in the TEN COMMANDMENTS of Honor Thy Mother, and Honor Thy Father that thy days may go well: here for you My Angels' and My Demons` but we {Angels and Demons} in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME have learned about Androids in our Humans Body Temple AVATARS can make Hybrids that are Half Breeds, but whom made the MACHINE PEOPLE with their Machine Eyes in these Days of Noah from the OLD TESTAMENT GOSPEL on our U.N. FLAT EARTH Television Moon Beam Screens???

Can I dial *69 on my Mark of the Beast Cell Phone to get an Appropriate Answer.?.?.?.?.?

While Store Shelves go Bare, I do like the Parable of the TEN VIRGINS where 5 Commandments will live on after 2033, and 5 Commandments will reveal things "unseen" from the Night Mares in our Dreams whilst we sleep and slumber in our VR Head Gear Body Suits, too TESLA BOT of Programmable HUMAN Flesh, and Blood, and Bones: too become the Next Federation Generation of {YOUNG TRANNY SEX} and Bestiality Rape Porn CORPORATION 3D Printed Human ALT MEAT and BIO-Engineered internationalist Capitalist children and toddlers and NOT Aborted BLOOD LINE Babies (of and for) Capitalism in this NEW TESTAMENT GOSPEL about DEBT non-mason sex slavery people, and their NON-MASON children in our house of FREE MASONIC CORPORATE warfare…

I might have food for the body, but I no longer have any food or "enmeshment" for my Soul…

While the [uninitiated] will live in FEAR of Our God, we whom love Our God of (DAY 6) in the Holy Living Biblical will use Hello Fresh, and Door Dash, and other such Apps to become the 5 Virgins in the Parable of the {TEN VIRGINS} too have even more food because we planned for the: END OF DAYS in 2094 CE while the rest of the world' Trusted in these U.N. Troops` of NATO Taking over the United State Military Bases from 2018 till whom know when the LAST STATE FLAG of these 50 Countries and 50 Nations STATE CONSTITUTIONAL FLAGS remain no More…

At this Point the [U.S. FLAG] is nothing more then a Gun for Hire called SPACE FORCE U.N. Troops as Peacekeepers of this Time Line in 2022 by Futurist from the FUTURE in 2045 and 2077 appropriately called The SUITS, and TIES, and SKIRTS (Stake) Holders "of and for" Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 being Dismantlement of the {U.S. Citizenry} doing a Practice Run in UKRAINE by NATO and Russia and China known once as REX 84 and JADE HELM 15 to disarm all Ukrainians here and N.O.W. in 2022 to 2023…..

Moreover, since the U.S. is in $33 Trillion Dollar Debt too NATO, it is time to Change my U.S. Citizenry to [another] Citizenship in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME here and N.O.W. in 2022 to 2023 before I too become (PROPERTY) of NATO and MADE IN CHINA in the Settlement of the War called in the Book of Revelation:

What Was – What is – What Will Be…

So how does one cash out their UNITED STATES Social Security "Savings" and Transfer that FEDERAL RESERVE Bank Account too another Central Bank in Another Land???

#Trixyblue ?

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