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JOE BIDEN Hunter Biden and BIDEN CRIME FAMILY by_Don_Trump_JR.mp4

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Published on 16 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

(sorry for the jittering... not sure what happened) Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are the head of the BIDEN CRIMINAL enterprise: They Joe BIDEN CRIME FAMILY mafia - a video by Donald Trump Junior #BidenCrimeFamily DO IT Q
This is the Video going viral by Donald John Trump Junior - exposing the NEWLY FOUND corruption proofs of the Biden Criminal Family network. This will blow your socks off. Oh wait... we already knew that.
C'mon Trump supporters share with your friends!

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Fuck Communism
Fuck Communism 15 days ago

You conveniently forgot to mention they're both pedophiles Jr....

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MsSunShine 5 months ago

Hi Donald, We are suppose to believe that the TV ratings for Creepy Biden 2021 inauguration were higher then President Trump during 2017. What a Joke. The people watching were hoping to see Creepy Biden removed by the Military. These are sad times for true Americans, censorship, beatings, lockdowns, (First it was the Jews, Now they are coming for Christians). Nothing to see here, right Donald. The liars will never be able to destroy President Donald J. Trump's Legacy!!! We will always stand with your family and we joyously wait for your return.

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kcbru 5 months ago

ALL USA CITIZENS know the attempted steal of the election and will stand with your father. Your father needs to stop the steal with the military. Lock these scumbags up! Arrest all treasonous senators and congress people with the military. The military will stand with your father also. Just do it!

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dsperry4919 5 months ago

Too bad the US's DOJ and FBI has been missing in action for years and not helping America round up the BIG Crooks in Washington and only interested in protecting democrats from going to jail and collecting paychecks and retirement funds.

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Senior Starburst
Senior Starburst 8 months ago

I didn't realize all this was going on!!!

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