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Joe Biden's Most Awkward Gaffes Of All Time (Part 3)

Land of the Free
Land of the Free - 143 Views
Published on 19 Oct 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

This video has close to 2,000,000 views on YouTube as of October 2020. It was published by On Demand News (ODN):

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

When you are not A “part” of these TV Screens…

At this point, I am as baffled as all of you Redeemed FREE MASON Lodge Members; as well as, all of you whom belong to [We Are] @QBALL /_\ The Society of nonmason… For Have I not wrote every Crime: of the U.S. Government that is and are our Publicly Employed “U.S. Military” known as The WORLD POLICE of the United Nations World Government.?.?.?, and though I have no concern about Thomas Andrew Sutor born August 30 1965 of becoming the Write In “Mail In Ballot” PRESIDENT for these United States OF America, it is evident that many things are not what they once were, and as I sit among HOMELAND SECURITY and TSA in this Miami Beach FLORIDA Constitutional Republic Nation in these 50 STATES FOR AMERICA, there seems to be nothing “we can do” whom are born into PURGATORY, but too watch it all play out till the End of Time In 2094 C.E.

That Spoken, I have been to your County Jails, and City Prisons, and this world is so backwards if you have read all my Works from the “17 Years” of Written Works I posted on FACE BOOK as Johnny Exodice to the most intense proclamation {here and now} in 2020 C.E. That WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is against Our God, or Gods if you like, and that MURDER is against The RULE of LAW and ORDER, and though the MASONS may have been at one time: The Builders of them great works in the Pre MUD FLOOD World, we the people now live in a World of SPECULATIVE MASONS, and they are doing an “amazing” job using the Printed Media, the Internet Media, and the TV Screens to say: You are under Occupation by U.N. Troops of (COVID19) no matter what U.N. Flag you were born and raised as a Human Person of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones in these TEMPORARY Body Temple Avatars!!!

So I present this Question to you my Readers, my Followers, and yes thanks to any and all whom “believe” I carry the Christ Jesus RETURNED within my human body as The “Host of Host” for we just learned that WHAT YOU BELIEVE in owns you!!! Not that I want to own your minds, I want you to think, and contemplate how “expansive” this CORPORATE Take Over of all Religions – Banks – Governments – Schools of thoughts has happened in just under {6 Months} [{**}] as we now walk into LOCK DOWN for the 7th Month of U.N. TROOPS Occupation in our Military, and Police Forces… That said: I did not see any G4S U.N. Troops in City of Miami Beach, but it was a most barren populace at this point in this Video Game Reality, and We The People do have one more hope if we die and are Reborn “here” in Purgatory before 2094 C.E. You can still be Redeemed, but do not live this life evil, and wicked thinking you can Check Out, and be born just “one more time” into the End of an Age in these Days of Noah Returned` for it don’t work that way…

Heretofore, if you made bad “choices” in this life walk, and you spent your Days doing WAR IS MURDER, but you could not comprehend that to MURDER [we the people] is wrong, now is the time to STOP doing WAR IS MURDER, and get on with your life till you die of Natural too Accidental Causes, as no one knows the Day, nor the Hour YOU Die, but if you have changed your ways of Money – Stuff, and LOOK AT ME I kill people for A living called doing WAR GAMES on we the Human Population of this Celestial Sphere “Dual Sided” FLAT EARTH, then pray whence you die, you are born into people of good “decency” kind and honorable ways, so you may find the Book of EXODICE in your future birth, and still find your way home before All Comes to Conclusion… Christ Jesus 2.0 for WE THE PEOPLE whom know “Integrity” is A word with meaning, and not just something we of Pak-Toe Spout Out like them OATH BREAKERS, and their Free Mason Lodge Members of Racka...

Johnny Exodice


All in Life, and Purgatory is Choice……., so you will be JUDGED by the Source of All Creation, and All Destruction on the “Personal” Choices you’m have made…..., and once you know better: you will be Damned, and Cursed, and Forsaken by the Great “WE ARE” if you do not walk away from the ways of THEY LIVE!!!

The Sentinel…


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