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Jim Cramer Is A Psychopath An0maly Calls Him A Bitch Loser Idiot Pathetic Meatball.mp4

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Published on 01 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Jim Cramer Is A Psychopath An0maly Calls Him A Bitch Loser Idiot Pathetic Meatball
An0maly - News Analysis & Hip-hop

Jim Cramer Is A Psychopath -- And Our Leaders Try Implode The Stock Market Again!

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Jiggles 8 months ago

Ive decided to steal a "my pillow" Mikey. Ive had to watch your pillow humping porn one too many times.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 8 months ago

The (STRAW) that “broke” the Camels Back!!!!

For a life time, I had no clue or comprehension what this statement meant, and yes, I get it that most of you'm think it is that [Point] Qballs~ /_\ where you just can’t take one more Moment of this Insane World with the Mindless, Medicated, Menticide, Militant Masses….

But that is not the true intent of this "spell" and (enchantment) /-\ of LET US ENTERTAIN YOU!!!! Think of all the medications with all their Magic Potion {VOO DOO} [{**}] Sorcery of Side Effects........., and thence, think of WHAT youm are being fed by these FAKE JEWS of their Hollywood TV Screens called USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

That other statement of A Little Poison won’t kill you like that Snake Bite in the Book of Acts with Paul the Apostate, but in truth, a one time bite of any poison, more then likely treated soon and proper will not kill you, but a Life Time of {TAKE YOUR PILLS} [{*}] with all those SIDE EFFECTS aka the Voo Doo of these Witch Doctors being the FREE MASON CORPORATIONS internationalist Capitalist [Suits and Ties] +=+ and their Skirts whom make all the Code + Magic + Alchemy = The Science of SORCERY.......,

over time, your body will absorb all the CHEMICALS and all the INGREDIENTS of all these things youm do so too INGEST!!!!

So, at some point The Back of the Camel: being your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones will get [too many] of these Alchemist Pharmacy DRUGS, and Pharmacological INJECTIONS that this STRAW` is actually {years upon years} of these CORPORATION Capitalist INTERNATIONAL Suits and Skirts Vaccinations, and TAKE YOUR PILLS become the (Straw) where just ONE MORE JAB aka Booster will become the Breaking "Point" of your Humans Bodies ability to {SELF REPAIR} no more just as my Back has too much of the Sleeping Pills Chemicals aka Alchemist Magic Potions in me killing me, so to you will be murdered my NON-MASON Domestic Gentile Populations on this side of FLAT EARTH, and since the INNER EARTH is in "crises" from 6 Billion freemason down below in OVER POPULATION [Down Below] our Feet while we TOP SIDE at best on this side of the World with our Sun and Moon can only ACTUAL World Population be around (100 Million) People world wide TOP SIDE….

Sure a little poison by these OVER THE COUNTER Medications aka DRUGS will not kill you, but in time with all the "Extra" detrimental Ingredients MIXING {in you} as an INCUBATOR of your own death walk as you catch the Cancer from Chemicals in your Fast Food, Processed Foods, let alone all the Alchemist Ingredients in your (Laundry Soap) and Skin Lotions to that ONE STRAW that finally "breaks" your immunity of Self Repair too any illness being these COVID – 19 Medications called {MED-I-CIDE} aka MURDER of you my NON-MASON in legal Corporate LAW' where these CORPORATIONS are actively making you SICK, so you will die, but not before you pay their FREE MASON Lodge Members Hospitals to INJECT the last Straw that finally completely {breaks down} your Corporate Citizen Debt Slave CAMELS BACK, and you are going to now die very, very, very "terribly" as a NON-MASON by the FREE MASON Lodge Members in your home town…

Never forget these "Androids" of Flesh and Blood and Bones with their TOO WHITE TEETH, and too clean shoes, and too fancy homes live off of your MONEY!!!!

And these {Machine People} with their Machine Eyes speak in CODE….

WE HAVE Broken the Code of all FREE MASON Lodge Members, and now you too know what [THEY LIVE] are actually saying while them whom are still lost to WE ARE never will, so do so too {listen and hear} what THEY LIVE have done as Capitalist in their Skirts and Suits called Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 where G4S Black Rock of Academy (Special Forces) of BLACK STONE aka U.N. Troops now wear and have "replaced" all C.O.P.S. and Military Personnel in all U.N. FLAGS on this side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere….

I hope these (Sleeping) Pills have not become that STRAW that breaks my bodies "ability" too Self Heal, as this Camels Back is treacherous!!!!

#LowKARG ??

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