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Jim Corr- 9 year ago reflection - Lord Christopher Monckton

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Published on 15 Jan 2021 / In Entertainment

The Cult battles a debate with accusations of antisemitism.
The two audience debaters are sitting next to each other and are given a louder mic and hide the secret-societies by blaming the "elites"... "the elites" are wwCult minions.

Do you notice just how mellow Corr's and Monckton's viewpoints seem as brainchip-hivemind-wwCult tyranny is slowly come out of hiding from the unsworn masses.

The mass media lightened up enough to allow the 911 and Global warming debate to reach TV-mind-control by 2011 on "The Late Show"

Monckton's global warming view is supported by Dr. Ball https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-t....imothy-ball-climate-

Since the brainchip-biorobot debate has not started yet, they will not allow such a debate until everyone is brainchipped. The covert brainchips monitors and records all present thoughts. The brainchip cannot physically search your memories unless you recall them yourself. Your memories are located within your mind so the brainchip does not have access to the non-physical. The mind is non-physical, but by reflecting or imagining you bring those thoughts into the physical.

What this means to the hivemind-thUgs if they can still reason, is there is no way that the A.I. interface could ever upload their mind into the super-computer "Lucifer." If you are unsworn, this will be too much for you to grasp yet,... but for the Cult-sworn-thUgs reading this( and I guarantee there are lots here), you thUgs will realize that I am telling you the truth... there is no upload and you idiots have been tricked into destroying yourselves, spiritually, of course.

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