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It's the Jews, Stupid! Never Trust A jew & more, by Edgar J Steele 2002 & MCP.mp4

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Published on 02 Jun 2023 / In News and Politics

Not sure if the title is clear enough :)
Edgar is the Lawyer who was framed, imprisoned and murdered by some jews. RIP
I have uploaded the writings by Edgar J Steele on my mega account in the “books” category (Link in my pdf)

Since my Bitchute channel blocked in most European countries, including the UK and Russia, please feel free to upload any of my videos to other channels or platforms/sites.
Link to all my uploads
relevant videos
Sven Longshanks imprisoned - Sir Oswald Mosley - Melbourne white activists attacked
Mark Collett - Jewish Leaders Want Us Banned
and ofcourse Ernst Zundel

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hatbox 4 months ago

Jews can't let truth be told, no sir.

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