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Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 134 Views
Published on 23 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

Don't miss the free trading with Ross Givens Wednesday Sept. 27. Trade like Pelosi or fortune 500 CEO's. Congressional actions often raise concerns among the public while they benefit from their positions. The previous year shed light on the questionable stock trading practices of Congress members, highlighting the misuse of insider information. Engaging in such activities, if done by an ordinary citizen, would result in legal consequences similar to Martha Stewart's case. Ross Givens and Stephen Gardner emphasize the importance of recognizing patterns in success. Transparency requirements dictate that politicians and CEOs must disclose their stock transactions. Despite the stock market's fluctuations, individuals in influential roles consistently appear to possess insights into optimal buying and selling times, outperforming even esteemed traders like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch, or even established funds like the Magellan Fund. Discover how to replicate the stock trading strategies employed by CEOs and politicians by analyzing their meticulously tracked investment decisions in the dynamic world of Wall Street and the US economy.

Don't miss the free trading with Ross Givens. Trade like Pelosi or fortune 500 CEO's.

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