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IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Trump RETURNS To Politics With HILARIOUS New Gambit!! Setting Up For FUTURE!

The Crazy Conservative
The Crazy Conservative - 1,050 Views
Published on 26 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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1 month ago

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Puppykisser 1 month ago

Start by taking that damn Fu#king Slave Rag off your stupid face! What’s the worst that can happen... not a damn thing!

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justanotherdeplorable 1 month ago

what are you going on about, are you high?

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pix911 1 month ago


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irisb24 1 month ago

God Bless

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Farting Frogg
Farting Frogg 1 month ago

How the FUCK is this going to put food on my table and keep my arm from the needle! BULLSHIT!!!!

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