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Is Social Media ALL BOTS?!? | Making Sense of the Madness

American Media Periscope
Published on 18 May 2022 / In News and Politics

Is all of Social Media just bot accounts? How can we tell who is real? Find out how the Deep State uses the accounts to influence the election:

Upon Elon Musk buying Twitter thousands of accounts are losing even more followers. We are now seeing the leftist accounts that were being propped up with fake support to look influential. With this source gone the influence of the deep state in the upcoming elections will have much less drastic effects on opinion and polling.

In this episode of MSOM, Sean Morgan interviews Josh Reid of the Redpill Project and discusses the sequence of economic events that could trigger military actions. Is WW3 already here, or is it just getting started?
Be prepared for what’s coming, see this full episode of Making Sense of the Madness at:

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