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Iran Whistleblower US Voting Records Hacked & Cloned.mp4

The Waterbearer
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Published on 13 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

Whistleblower in Iraq Sends A LIVE HACK Video Allegedly, Stealing and Cloning US Voter Registration.

I do not have any more detail about this video that appeared on Telegram, 10-11 November 2022. The panel are looking at a video that is alleged to have been sent from a whistleblower based in Iran. The video they are watching in the video claims to be a live hack into a US voting register.

The software program which is alleged to be freely downloadable is said to be show a live hack into 1,000's of accounts in the voter database. A claim is made that the video was used in the 2020 Elections. The video goes on to show Peoples details being copied from a register and cloned by using a military web site.

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DUNEDRIFTER, (Counter Narrative / Legal Channel)

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Iranian Whistle blower, Hackers Stealing and Cloning, Voter Registration Data

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