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INTERVIEW: Five Shots to Save 1,000 Lives - St James Church Massacre

David Knight
David Knight - 311 Views
Published on 20 Apr 2023 / In News and Politics

Charl van Wyk,, was in the church when terrorists threw GRENADES and sprayed the congregation with FULLY AUTOMATIC gunfire.  God used him to defend survivors with a 5 shot .38 revolver.   But prior to that, he had to come to a realization of the RIGHT and DUTY of a Christian to DEFEND innocent life.  The terror has continued as Marxists continue to extend anarchy and violence.  But Charl sees the hope for South Africa in the gospel of Christ.

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anoncoward 5 months ago

Very true David. Men should be defending from the evil things taught to men. Many men seem to think it isn't murder to summon something else to kill the innocent. Does that seem vague? It is because most of those words are interchangeable with things, names, places, events, rituals, activities, objects. The one thing they all have in common destroy and come from men. Satan has been cast down. The ink is dry. The men keep summoning

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gang 5 months ago

perhaps james hewitt will attend john gielgud coronation next to camilla and michael fawcett

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