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IGP10 064 - Fall Cabal 22-23 - Greatest Medical Crime EVER Comitted.mp4

David Trent
David Trent - 230 Views
Published on 26 May 2022 / In Health

The COVID "Plan-demic" was a global Psy-op. There is NO VIRUS; either it was a bio-weapon that Failed, or the plan was designed to Scare, and then MANDATE people to "voluntarily" take the "Death-Jab" in order to reduce global population. Either way, taxpayer's money was used to fund what amounts to PREMEDITATED GLOBAL GENOCIDE.... Not of a particular RACE or Ethnicity, but essentially of those who didn't do the research and believed the bullshit stories propagated by the Globalist-controlled Mainstream Legacy Media. The crimes have been exposed.

Fall Cabal Episodes 1 to 10:

Fall Cabal Episodes 11 to 21:

Fall Cabal Episodes 22 & 23: THIS VIDEO

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MoralitySheriff17 1 month ago

Dave! How the hell are you my brother? Long time no see. Still telling everyone that you broke the meeting on the tarmac story. Glad and surprised you're still with us!! Lol.

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