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If You Can Prove To Me God Exsist I'll Believe

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Published on 31 Oct 2019 / In Film and Animation

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Super Ficial
Super Ficial 1 year ago

If we are falling thirty-two million miles an hour or even one mile an hour through space in an ever expanding universe then please explain to me why the stars have never change their relative positions in the six thousand years that we've navigated using Fix Star Location. Polaris is still the North Star. The Zodiacs still look like what they were named after.  There was no GPS six thousand years ago. The Earth cannot be moved and we have all been lied to. People only think that they don't trust the government but we do. We do so to the point that we are willing to work from childhood until our bodies can't hold up and we are spent. Just like a burning log in a fire place we are being used as fuel and they don't want this to ever change so they hide the truth from us by contradicting everything that The Bible says. The thing about science is you can’t argue with it because “It’s Science” or so we are told. But consider this…
ºA world is where there is life. That means our world is the ONLY world in the known universe (Planets are not worlds, they are lifeless). Science knows this but they don't want us to know that we are special, that we were created and that they are impotent.
ºWe can see with our own eyes that all of the stars and the galaxies and everything is rotating/revolving around the centralized star Polaris which is directly over the center of our home. This means that Earth is literally the center of creation.
ºScience says the Heavens and the Earth couldn’t be created in six days because it takes millions of years of secretion for planets to form and then they tell us that the universe was created in less than a second via The Big Bang.
ºIn the story of creation God rested on the seventh day. In evolution everything comes from nothing. It seems the Bible has more respect for the laws of conservation of energy than scientist have for their own science, their Godless religion.
ºHow is it that the pictures of the Moon taken from Australia shows a Moon that is not upside-down unless the Earth is flat ?
º14.6 billion years ago nothing exploded and that's how everything came to be, because nothing exploded ? That’s a Childs answer. I know, singularities and quantum fluctuations but there has to be an existing universe before any five syllabled words can occur also there is no such thing as an explosion that result in anything other than destruction. Explosions don’t end with clockwork like order, form and stability.
ºThe Moon is rotating and the Earth rotating and that is why we can't see or feel either the Moon or the Earths rotation. Just one mile an hour faster or slower, the Moon or the Earth and everything would be completely different and thats has never happen after Millions of years. No meteor strike or passing object has ever influenced this impossible relationship ?
ºIf I go around the block does that mean that the block is round ?  If I go around the world does that mean that the Earth is a ball ?
ºHow is it that there’s no sonic boom if we are rotating at 1,038 mph ?
ºHow is it that I can see a ship 200 miles away at sea with a scope if the Earth's curvature drops off  eight inches every mile squared ?  That is 320,000 inches or 5.05 miles. I should not be able to see through five miles of water.
ºHow is it that I can stand on the beach and make ships below the horizon be not below the horizon with a pair of binoculars ? Unless horizon actually means apparent horizon and below actually means beyond. Sea level is level. Oceans are flat and 71% of the Earth surface is water.
ºIf it’s Noon and I’m looking at the Sun and then 182 rotations or days later when I’m on the other side of the Sun then at Noon I should be looking into the night.
ºWe shouldn’t be able to see the winter stars in the summer night time.  Winter stars in the summer time is called day light. 
ºWe shouldn’t be able to see the North Star from the South side of the equator.
If the Earth was a ball, then the North Pole and the South Pole would be about the same but they are not. The North Pole is teeming with life year round whereas the South Pole has no life at all not even a plaint just penguins and fish. Antarctica has no midnight Sun but the Arctic does. They are too different to simply be poles apart.
ºIf the Earth was a sphere then when you are in an airplane you would be looking down on the horizon but instead the horizon always comes up to your eye level.
ºWhen an airplane comes over the apparent horizon as it gets closer to the observer it only looks like it is rising but in reality it has always been parallel to the ground. Same thing with the Sun it doesn’t rise nor does the Earth rotate. The Sun like everything else simply approaches us starting at the apparent horizon and apparently rises bring its very local light with it as it approaches the observer.
ºWhen the Sun is at it’s zenith it appears to be twice the size then when it at the apparent horizon (Just a few hundred miles away) This should not happen if the Sun is really ninety-three million miles away.
ºWhen the Sun goes down you can see that there is darkness to the right and to the left of the Sun. That can only mean two things that the Sun is locale and it’s small. Also when the Sun shines through the windows it will never shines on the ceiling, it does’t really go down.
ºYou can see that there is moonlight shinning on local clouds and because of perspective you can see that there is no moonlight on nonlocal Clouds. That is, it’s not that you can’t see the light it is you can see the darkness. This means that the Moon is also locale and small.
ºIs the Sun really 93 million miles away and is it really 400 times bigger than the Moon but 400 times further away than the Moon or is it simple paired with the Moon and that we shouldn't be able to see details of the Moons surface if the Moon was really 24,000 miles away.
ºHow can the Moons radius be 1,079 miles when it cast a shadow on the Earth as small as two miles during a solar eclipse ? Also there are times when stars can be seen through the Moons surface.
ºVenus, always on the day side of Earth and yet somehow it’s the brightest star at night ?
ºWe can measure the amount of helium escaping from rock and compare it to how much Helium is in the atmosphere and determine the age of the Earth to be about six thousand years not four and a half billion
ºSince main stream science is free to just making up their own measurements here’s what they have come up with. Speed of Earth’s orbit 66,600mph. Earth’s curvature .666 feet per square mile. Earths tilt 66.6º. Earth’s axis of rotation and it’s plane of orbit around the Sun: 66.6º. The polar circles are located near the poles of the Earth, at 66.6º
ºThe Suns gravity will pull in a comet directly towards its self and at ultrasonic velocities and yet this same gravity will somehow allow impacts to not occur. This is pure monkey science.
ºHow is it that there is no gravitational relationship between the Sun and the Moon ? When the Moon is between the Sun and Earth that's one thing but when the Sun and Earth are both pulling on the Moon then the Moon should be slamming into the Earth unless the Moon changes speeds and trajectory which it does not.
ºIf it’s the Moon’s gravity that causes tides then why aren’t lakes, pounds and steams affected ?
ºMaybe the reason we can't sense the Earths rotation is because the whole idea of a rotating Earth is non-sensible.
ºA thousand years ago we believed that the Earth was a ball. A thousand years ago we were in the Dark Ages. It is a comfort to know that in an era when both the government and the churches were burning people as witches by the bundle at lest we had a firm understanding of how the cosmos works and that after a thousand years of science, science according to science has never been wrong. We never left the dark ages we just took delight in being dazzled.
They introduce our minds too many burdens and responsibilities for our entire lives so that the last thing we are going to be doing or have time for is scrutinizing science. So I ask how could there suddenly be millions of flat earthers across the plane unless there was a realization. After all we are supposed to be evolving. Right ? And isn’t it better to be a conspiracy theorist trying to expose the liars than to be a propagandist supporting the liars ?
ºIf gravity can bend even light than how is it that Helium and Hydrogen (The two must abundant elements in the universe) are completely immune to gravity's effect ? There is no graviton.
ºOuter space is not a void in fact nature forbids a void.  Outer space is water and it doesn't surprise me one bit that people can spend their entire lives looking into an ocean with a telescope and never see any water and it's all because people trust the government that educated their parents to teach their kids (us) the same lies that we are expected to teach our children until no one knowns or believes in the truth, aka Brain Washed. If you think this all sounds a bit psycho congratulations you’re supposed to.
ºThe sky is not blue it's invisible. You can’t look through a blue sky and see white clouds but what you can see is the waters that are above us. (See Genesis for more details)
ºAs Bill Nye aka The Science Guy has often said. “One thing I want you kids to know. We live in an enclosed environment and we cannot leave the planet there is no place for us to go.” This means that what our parents taught us is true…The sky really is the limit. And he is right we must be living in an enclosed environment otherwise the Earth could not hold on to its atmosphere. There’s no way that the atmosphere is going to gradually thin out into nothingness. Think of how demanding the vacuum of infinity would be in comparison to the minuteness of Earth.
ºScience doesn't say that we have ascended from ape. On the contrary they say that we are descendants of apes. Because we were created they want to convince us that we are insignificant and so they add insults to injuries whenever they can.
ºScience has alway know that there is no such thing as races. But they instigate. No man is black or white all men are brown and a little bit of extra fatty tissue in the eyelids does not constitute a race.
ºScience lies about everything. You can watch a satellite at night which is no bigger than a school bus for eleven minutes and traveling at a mandatory orbital speed of 17,500 mph that’s over 3,200 miles. In witch case we should be able to see the headlights on a school bus 1,600 miles away.
ºFour minutes after blast-off of any rocker or shuttle that NASA launches will switch to animation as if NASA can't put a camera on a telescope. Their machinery never goes straight up it rolls over on its belly and goes downrange always over the ocean and out of sight. We see a real launch and we see an actually Landing but everything in between is just TV imagery. We are told that there are currently 4,994 satellites orbiting the Earth and yet not one of them is equipped with a camera so that the tax payers can see for themselves. Why would they do this unless it’s the best that they can do ? Because it is the best that they can do, because we do live in a closed environment that’s why. So we pay NASA (An organization founded by NAZA scientist) $56,000,000 A DAY and then we have to use our imagination because all they ever give us are images. The word nasa is in the Bible it means too beguile with means to deceive. Why would anyone use the word aeronautics to describe an airless region ? Because it is beguiling it’s all about their ego, they don’t want to just get away with their lies they want to be able to laugh at us and gloat. That’s what evil people do.

ºThey lied about “Global Warming” and had to change their terminology to “Climate Change.” Man only produces about three percent of all carbon emissions and it turns out that this ever so deadly Co2 emissions just happens to be plant food and the government wants to combat this natural necessity at the tax payers expense and if we don’t act soon then it will be too late. Over population is another lie. The worlds population could fit inside the state of Taxis.
ºFossil fuels is yet another lie. No fossil has ever been found below 20,000 feet but they drill at 100.000 feet. It is most likely pressure that creates oil not long ago dead things but they don’t want the consumers to know that it is inexhaustible they want us to think that it is scarce and expensive and destined to become more and more expensive until we are ready to put out even more money to switch to something that will make them even more money.
ºMillions of people starving to death and our spiritual leaders adorn themselves in gold and rubies. That should tell you all you need to know about the truly evilness that are our leaders.
ºI'm sure that we have all done the research, the difference is I don't trust liars.  I'm not talking about school teachers because they too fell for the same lies as everyone else did during their indoctrination.  But after over 62 years of being lied to it only took about 10 minutes to know the truth after all the truth is simple and obvious as their lies are and once you see past one lie you will start to see past all their lies.
ºEvolution rather its cosmological, geological or biology it is as deceitful as gravity and relativity. Things do not fall to the center of mass they simply fall down because there really is an up and down and thin air does not have the density to support any thing heaver than air. The ground however does. It’s all about buoyancy and density. If they can get you thinking as if there is no up or down, that it’s all relevant then they can get you to think that wrong is right. After all we are already conditioned to be more concerned about falling off of a flat nonmoving platform than we are a spinning ball and that if you go high enough then you will never have come down. Well, nobody has ever fallen off a frozen lake and no you don’t suddenly not have to fall if you get high enough. They are trying to strip us of your common sense. They want us to think that we can’t trust our own senses, that we can’t trust ourselves and that they alone knows what is best for us. They don’t just need us to be fooled they want us to be fools and so for I’ve got to hand it to them. Think back to your school days, there’s a reason that in science class they gave us the answers but all the other classes it was ” If I just give you the answer then you will never learn.” So, have a little respect for your own intelligence and think again.
ºThe Earth is flat and cannot be moved. Research it for yourself it's not that hard. All you have to do get your own chip $100 telescope which is more powerful than NASAs scopes were fifty years ago and compare NASAs imagery with your own reality. You will find that those guys are way off. Planets do not look like worlds they look like stars and stars do not look like the sun. Stars look like they are highly energetic life forms, they look Angelic. What NASA fills ours eyes with is the same thing that we see on Star Trek, Star Wars or any other sci-fi. One is a lie and the others are fiction.
But don’t take my word when I say that outer space is actually waters that preexist creation, but it’s called “The Deep” for a reason and If you look you will see.
“There is three thing that cannot be hidden for long the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.”
From The Bhagavad-Gita

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