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IECV NV #443 - 👀 The Little Hurt House Sparrow 🐥Who Passed Away Later😢 7-28-2017

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Published on 01 Dec 2021 / In Pets and Animals

This is a little baby House Sparrow that was hurt some how i don't know if it was it's parents or a cat or something else i just know that it got hurt i tried to watch out for it for a few hours trying to get it to trust me so i could help it but it just would not let me get close enough to catch it so i could try to help it all i could do was through bread out and tried some seed to but it would not eat the seeds only the bread later i found it dead it was a sad day...if something If You're New To My Channel Be Sure To "Subscribe" "like" "Comment" "Share" "👍👍👍 Up" Thanks! To All My Loyal Subscribers! For Watching And Commenting Have A Wonderful Week! And Be Sure To Click On The Bell And Set It To Get Notifications So You Won't Miss When I Upload A New Video' 👀 See You In The Next Video...🐥

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