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The Light Bulb Initiative
Published on 25 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

Your fear was harnessed, weaponized, and then unleashed upon your fellow American brothers and sisters. So thorough was their propaganda machine that you were screaming incoherently from behind a mask at people in grocery stores because they exercised their rights under our constitution as a free citizen and refused to cover their face. To this day there is no random control trial supporting leadership’s assertion of mask effectiveness. They commanded you to stand apart from other citizens and made you afraid to come within 10 feet of another flesh and blood human being so you secluded yourself inside your own home wearing a mask and a face shield. Once again there was no concrete evidence that this strategy would save lives in the long run, but you shut out all reason and fell into line like a mindless drone. They told you not to go to church and you complied. They told you to let your cherished loved ones die alone and you complied. They told you to shut down your business and you complied. If your doctor practiced medicine that contradicted their narrative, you turned your doctor in. They told you to sacrifice your child’s education and development and you complied. They told you not to celebrate the holidays and you complied. They told you who to hate and you didn't hesitate to comply. They told you who to believe and who not to believe and you trusted them. You trusted the people who just mandated that you abandon god, your family, your doctor, your children, facts, your livelihood and your neighbor; that’s who you decided to trust. Well, I was right and you were wrong. I tried to tell you there was more to it. I tried to show you and you called me names. I tried to expose you to the truth and called for me to be punished. You accused me of sowing doubt and that was the only thing you got right. I was trying to get you to doubt their truth because I knew it to be a lie and you ostracized me for it. In the end you abandoned your humanity for the promise of safety from the very people who were abusing you and it only took 15 days. 15 days to slow the spread of reason. 15 days to increase the spread of fear. 15 days....15 days.....15 days


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