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I, Pet Goat's AI-controlled, Starchild2, Animation-Story: Autonomous, (Sexless), Bio-Robotic, Testtube-Slaves to Replace the Working Class Human Being.

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Published on 02 Apr 2021 / In Technology

BTW, this is the Lady GAGA birthing a new race:

Follow-up Video to yesterday's I, Pet Goat A.I. revealings video:

I realize that the typical human that did not swear their service and silence to the Mystery School Cult's many religions and secret-societies are going to have a critical thinking gap to understand the importance of the A.I. Tower-Of-Babel threat that is before them. It is to your benefit that you try to expand your concepts of humanity's true heritage. This video tries to do that, but I tried doing this since 2002+ with my thousands of 9/11NAFTA Corruption handout disks:

This Barry King worked as a security guard for a underground military bases in the UK.
The Mystery School Cult has underground bases called DUMBs all around the world now. These test-tube slaves are being developed where no real news reporter can get to.

When Lady Gadfly came out with her pod performance. It was about the starchild2s or little monsters.

Starchild1 was not a child. Lloyd Pye exposed the ancient bio-robotic slaves that were genetically engineered to have no will of their own... the perfect slaves. Too small to fight for freedom even if they were genetically designed to have a will and desires (scared?) This is what JFK tried stopping... the majority knew it was Cult corruption that assassinated him or they had their life-time to figure it out. The Cult culled the smarter Unsworns who tried to seek justice. The Cult minions says over and over: "Don't blame them for being wicked, it is the Unsworns who refused to rise-up and remove the Network-Of-thUgs from power who are truly to be blamed." you see?

Critical thinking is a must in today's society ruled and run by the Mystery school Cult of hivemind-thUgs. Murderous thUgs are ruled by the ancient Satan-race or Homo capensis who offers the idiot human traitors(to their own species) fantastic technology and brainwashed them to become hateful of their own biology and bodies... to hate the sheeple and be self-righteously greedy just like their ancient master were and still are.

The Cult minions are all brainwashed to first genocide the people not sworn their wwCult much like Islam offers first that non-believers to convert to following their Allah Akbar... if not then... ... apparently.

Behind the manipulation of the non-Cult people into past religions and bible thumping to any scripture from the Old Satan-race manipulated into a conflicting belief-system to "divide-and-conquer the unsworn, the sheep.

Enjoy the development of your critical thinking to rise-up as their spiritual-superiors and help teach the thUgs that they violence will end up destroying themselves. Don't be fooled by the network-of-thUgs to follow their game and who are upon the chosen path to gradually destroy themselves.

If you choose to be lazy and expect someone else to fight your fight, then you are a follower rather than one seeking enlightenment. Success will then drift away from the lazy, who go along with the murderous thUgs who are brainwashed to imagine that they can scum-bag their way into apotheosis. No apotheosis comes to those who serve the wicked Satan-Race of Deception. Believing in lies.
The wicked soul-fragments will not be damned to a burning hell, they will just become no longer useful and thus discarded after lessons are learned from their Cult's collective failure, rather than growing into something useful to keep. Like those Atlanteans that "sunk" into oblivion.

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JamesRoss 9 months ago is the original source of the Barry King interview.
I'll have to research them to determine their purpose.

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