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Hyperian-Morgue is Fake-Destined to Find Hyperian-JaneDoe For the NWO-s Fake-Rise-of-the-Revenants From the Ashes of The Past

JamesRoss - 94 Views
Published on 11 Jan 2022 / In Comedy

I find Morgue similar to Jonathan Kleck (who is more bamboozled by the "Voice of god" weapon.
Kleck is impeded by the brainchip to realize that he is brainchipped:
So Sad to see the foundations of Freemasonry to be so patheticly self-righteous... fake good guys are bad guys in hiding.)

Hyperianism is an old Mystery School Cult branch.

Here is an earlier video Morgue was instructed to give to his followers which is about being able to upload the mind into an A.i. supercomputer (Soul-Transfer is another Cult scam from Homo capensis)

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JamesRoss 17 days ago

Pictures of Meat-hook Morgue:

The making of a Judas Goat is one of the uses of the Tower-Of-Babel secret technology:

Brainchips are linked up with A.i.Lucifer: Upload your mind into A.i. is a method that Homo capensis has used to offer a fake reward for servitude to the Mystery School Cult.

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