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Hundreds of roosting starlings die after fireworks set off in Rome, Italy

JamesRoss - 158 Views
Published on 18 Jan 2021 / In Pets and Animals

How many people think birds suddenly cant handle fireworks? When fireworks were around for centuries.... The Chinese invented fireworks... maybe they have the answers? They can't talk about Covid related issues....

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American0021 1 month ago

Fireworks killing birds? Total BS....
It is 5G

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Marilyn Watene
Marilyn Watene 1 month ago

I say it is 5G....killing birds, whales, dolphins, bees, on and on and on....it will be us next.
Especially if you take that Covid Vaccine.

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

Spokes person said they may have died from "fear"... Humans experience fear, animals are for the most part instinctual. The wwCult is much smarter than this unless they want to kill off massive amounts of wildlife for a fear-factor. What the unsworn portion of society needs to do is identify the corruption within.. all the secret-societies who control the politics, education, military, hospitals, polices, anything government funded and replace the thUgs. Get the liars and deceivers identified as pathetic thUgs serving the NWO that George Bush buttered up in his most important speach. All presidents are masonic thUgs... their system is rigged. They got their Tower-Of-Babel rebuilt under the unsworn's noses and now they are all linked to each other with a hivemind of oneness while the unsworn are divided-and-conquored as their NWO's placent. The 5G is not the problem, it is just another of many, many take-over weapons that the ancient-thUgs gave to the human-thUgs to help cull the sheep.

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