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Huge Comet Bigger Than Dinosaur-killing Asteroid to Fly Past Earth, will it hit us?

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 30 Jun 2022 / In Science

Music used Voyager - by Jonny Easton

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Comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) is making its way
toward the inner solar system. Astronomers first
spotted the approaching comet in 2017 using
the Pan-STARRS survey instrument in Hawaii. At
the time, they said it was the farthest active
inbound comet they'd yet seen. It was between
the orbits of Saturn and Uranus when they first
saw it, but it's heading toward its closest
approach to Earth on July 14, 2022. The comet
will be closest to the sun several months later,
on December 19, 2022. If you have a small
telescope, you should be able to spot the comet
throughout the summer.

Research with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) infers the comet nucleus to have a radius between 9-50 miles,so there is a chance the nucleus could be as large as C/1995 01 (Hale-Bopp).However, research with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) estimates the nucleus to have a circular equivalent diameter of less than 11 miles.On 17 September 2020, morphological studies of the inner coma, observed on 12 September 2020, were reported, noting that two jet-streamed structure were emitted from the nucleus and, as well, that the length of the tail was about 500,000 miles long.

After it passes us in July, C/2017 K2 will
continue on toward perihelion, which is its
closest pass by the sun, before heading back
out toward deep space. Comets tend to behave
unpredictably the closer they come to the sun.
This one could suddenly become more active
and brighter, or it could break apart and
disappear from view altogether.

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