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HR2: Former Oregon House Speaker Arrested In Sex Trafficking Stin

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 96 Views
Published on 04 May 2021 / In News and Politics

The American Journal (Hour 2) - Commercial Free - 5-4-21

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bookshop 1 month ago

scientology try to bring confusion where everything is clear
covid is hoax
so they broadcast crowds of fake news about biology, sociology, vaccine, mask, lockdown like nazis do with pseudo science
spending all their time to discharge themself instead of assuming to be part of gestapo
cheokyoen tsering , dalai lama father, was teaching pedonazism to tenzin thondup before selling him from takster to potala a few rupees and being sentenced to death ; now dalai lama do the same in buckingham and washnington pretending to be enlightened, "illuminati" selling mi6 fake reports to cia and isi, hollywood and bollywood for hiding own criminality

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bookshop 1 month ago

beware biden is scientology impersonating cia
now asking cia to cover him for escaping justice with gestapo
everything recorded on prosecutive timeline
they dont even know who work for cia
scientology has also been busted impersonating united nations to get credentials and funds
harry, dalai lama, clinton, w, blair, modi, nxivm... as everybody knows do not work for cia or usa but for gestapo and mi6
beware fbi is infiltrated by scientology too
denying to be infiltrated on nxbc

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bookshop 1 month ago

dalai lama claims that scientology is cia for covering mi6, biden and gestapo
scientology is of course buckingham propaganda
sea org impersonate fbi and cia to falsify investigation
beware dalai lama also claims to work for isi and might cover mss and nxivm behind scientology

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