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HR1: Vaccine Segregation Begins As New York Announces Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Sections

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 250 Views
Published on 05 May 2021 / In News and Politics

The WarRoom w/ Owen Shroyer (Hour 1) - Commercial Free - 5-5-21

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Strawberry68 1 month ago

I saw with my eyes on gates foundation that both bill & Melinda were dead and died either within days, weeks or a mo of each other from natural causes. I looked today, it's gone but had on Melinda and it says she died July 19 or 29th, 2013... But they're getting a divorce today...tom Hank's & Obama's having dinner party..i saw with my own eyes not once but twice where 2 yrs ago Hank's were made citizens of Australia, yr later they were again made citizens of Australia but they were arrested when plane landed to film Elvis movie and last yr announced death, Hillary was hung last yr or 2019, but death announced as just happening a mo ago but yet she's still out there spewing trash... I'm so sick of lies and they forget what lies they've told like Ruth G badger ...thats what she looks like to me..but she died around same time my husband died in Jan 2019.. I saw it on tv then.. Last yr when they were putting Amy Barrett in they pulled that Ruth crap as just happening then..they actually screwed up and showed 2019 death date on CNN or one of them and noticed what they did and tried to play it off as accident all the way to hell and back.. They're stupid, evil non human pieces of shit! Why are we putting up with it!! I know d s keeps finding out plan and having to change plans on a dime but fck it..its time for this sci go BS to end..i never liked sci do movies and now I know why.. There are very few movies I do watch anymore because of actors in them and I owned a video store so I've got car load of movies.. Sad, all that money spent & went to trash...thank you guys at info war and resistance for truth telling the way it is and not sugar coatong. That's what people need. I've been trying to share videos all day but FB will not post ANY!!
God Bless Patriots
God Bless America and The Entire Globe!!

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