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How to Supercharge Your Body to Heal & Prevent Disease | Dr. Joseph Mercola

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Published on 04 Aug 2021 / In Health

If you or a loved one has been struggling with a chronic or degenerative disease like cancer, Alzheimer’s, or type 2 diabetes; suffering from low energy or excess weight; or simply wanting to live a long and healthy life, then Dr. Joseph Mercola will give you the keys to a cutting-edge health transformation.

Given the diet and nutrition misinformation that’s been touted for decades, not to mention the rampant health conditions many people are fighting daily, none of us has escaped mitochondrial damage.

But you can take control of your health! You simply need to give your body the proper fuel—and it’s not what you’ve been led to believe. A ketogenic diet, which is very low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats, is the key to suppressing disease and supporting healing. And the benefits are astonishing—not only in treating or preventing serious illness, but in boosting your brainpower, increasing your energy, reducing inflammation, and helping you lose weight and keep it off. Learn more in this online course:

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