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How to Identify Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Indian Market? ft. @Kabita's Kitchen

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Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

How to identify fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables in the Indian market every single time?

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You will be amazed to know that there are some very clear signs to pick the fresh produce in the market. Knowing them not only you will save big on your pocket and time but also the taste of the curries will enhance and the fruits will be fresher and juicier. For this video, I actually went on ground and spoke to many fruits and vegetable vendors and even consulted experienced homemakers to bring across the most authentic information to you. So that the next time you walk in a sabzi mandi like a pro

02:20 - ONION - How to identify fresh and healthy onion in the Indian market?
03:07 - GINGER - How to identify fresh and healthy ginger in the Indian market?
03:40 - WATERMELON - How to identify fresh and juicy watermelon in the Indian market?
04:22 - TOMATO - How to identify fresh and healthy tomato in the Indian market?
05:14 - PINEAPPLE - How to identify fresh and tasty pineapple in the Indian market?
06:05 - POTATO - How to identify fresh and healthy potato in the Indian market?
06:42 - CUCUMBER - How to identify fresh and juicy cucumber in the Indian market?
07:45 - GREEN GRAPES - How to identify fresh and sweet green grapes in the Indian market?
08:22 - LADY FINGER - How to identify fresh and healthy lady finger in the Indian market?
08:45 - LEMON - How to identify fresh and juicy lemon in the Indian market?
09:10 - BOTTLE GOURD - How to identify fresh and healthy bottle gourd in the Indian market?
09:30 - CORN - How to identify fresh and tasty corn in the Indian market?

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