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How to fight against the evil COVID-19 plannedemic

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Published on 09 Apr 2021 / In Spiritual

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Credits to pastor Craig from the Seventh-Day Sabbath Remnant (SSR) church. His YouTube channel is SSRMEDIA and his website is [a]www.SSRemnant.org.[/a]

COVID-19 is a fear-mongering tactic to make the world obey what the evil powers of this world want: compliance and total control of the masses. This video will look on how to fight the evil COVID-19 plannedemic...and it is indeed an orchestrated evil plan with the Vatican as the lead of this plannedemic.

You are welcome to attend online Sabbath worship services on Sabbath evening at sundown (Friday evening), on Sabbath morning (Saturday morning) as well as on Sabbath afternoon (Saturday afternoon) in the Philippines with the Seventh-Day Sabbath Remnant Church on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SSRChurch777/

Please verify first for the time difference between where you live and the Philippines.

For more information and videos on Christian beliefs and Bible prophecy, please visit www.SSRemnant.org along with the following channels:

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For pastoral advice and guidance, pastor Craig can be reached at [email protected]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 27 days ago

James – The Impossible Channel

Though we are [blades of grass] Qballs~ /_\ filled with but a momentary life as all life has, it should come at no surprise that Machine Magic of the Mathematics is what makes a Sorcerer, and a Sorceress, and since THE WORD became Flesh, and we are all of the Flesh: be we Human or nonhuman in these “skins” of Mankind being Male and Female, the RELIGIONS have all been a part of these {Lies Agreed Upon} by our World Leaders of these U.N. FLAGS that THEY LIVE do so too live well off of we Their Fellow Citizens Taxes called (Forced) Slave Labor under the Legal Term EMPLOYEE… From the U.N. Troops too these WAR IS MURDER Corporation Military {Seminaries of Schools} of Thoughts: The Military be it in the USA to MADE IN CHINA too all the rest are The EMPLOYED of WE THE PEOPLE, and since we the people do not want to do [Murder] too One Another, we must look at Demonic Possession as these SOLID BLACK EYES that are nothing more then people whom were raised on the Other Side of FLAT EARTH where the Southern Hemisphere has no SUN, and no Moon…

It is evident that an INVASION took place during The Great Nuclear Hydrogen Atomic HOLOCAUST of 1853 to 1854 that ended in 1855, and though as The Oracle for the END of an Age I may not have the exact TIME LINE of what went down, we can all look at our Global {Celestial Sphere} where Jupiter and Saturn were shot Dead: by Weapons of Mass Destruction, and if youm will but TURN OFF your 3D Fake Space C.G.I. Televisions Screened and Scanned lives, youm too will [perceive] them MILKY WAY Scars in the DOME OF THE ROCK our Mother Heaven known as The Military GALAXY (Grade) Weapons did so too RIP open the Heavens known as THE SKY IS FALLING, and that made Dust, and Mud, and Floods from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the Noah's Ark of Computational {DATA Bases} where many thoughts were destroyed when the MUD FLOOD WARS came to an end in WORLD WAR TWO, and that in this day and age of Code + Alchemy + Magic = SORCERY, We Are can see that THE RAPTURE has “always” been these Graven Images of TV Movie Screen Projections of the (CAST) and CREW of Gilligan's Island…

As a New Born Baby, I can raise you too believe “anything” I want youm to see and hear… Moreover, these U.N. FLAGS take our children and [raise them] too HATE one another cause YOUR FLAG is not my flag, and yet these U.N. Troops that come from all U.N. FLAGS of Occupation by FREE MASON Lodges on this side of FLAT EARTH do not seem to hurt, and harm one another???????, and THEY LIVE do so too have (access) to all these “Galaxy” Weapons of Battlestar Galactica where Our CYLONS: these Cell Phones induce Radiation Poisoning, and Radiation Sickness {only because} WE THE PEOPLE have been Injected With many Metallurgy, and in that the Heating up of Mercury in our Blood be it this Hand Held Technological Wonder to the FACE BOOK Ocular put directly onto our Heads as a SKULL CAP that is beaming this CORPORATION CELLULAR Disruption {5G Eugenics} right into our minds devolving our Blood Cells into CANCERS making Microwave Heat’ of PROJECT BLUE BEAM till all humans on this Northern Hemisphere ARE comprised with: Injections and infectious WAYS of THEIR misery – madness – sadness, and the Children do not dance at the “Little Rascals” Club Houses from 1910 A.D. any more…

Black Solid Eyes are (just people) whom are raised on the Other Side of FLAT EARTH, and they need solid black eyes too see on the Other Side of the World where they have NO SUN, and NO MOON for only in this As Above = So Below do we the [NON-SOLID] eyes with no BLACK DOTS for vision must have The Whites of our EYES too walk in the Sun and the Moon without HARM too our minds, and not go blind: by the intensity of this Northern Hemisphere with our cities of light, while them born of the Southern Hemisphere with their Rh Negative Blood: live in A World of Darkness with nothing more then the STARS and CONSTELLATIONS: too guide them with No Day, but only eternal night… The INNER EARTH in these {D.U.M.B.S.} are all the Machinery that CONTROLS the Weather, and Pumps the Water of “The Oceans” up into the SKY of the FIRMAMENT in Genesis, and to the Mountains for watering the lands with Fresh Water once the SALT Water has been “filtered out” and all your MUD FLOOD Research with Marin Liedtke: proves this in SYMBOLS of Water Falls from the Book of Enoch where Portals do so too exist to Get from This Side of FLAT EARTH to the Other Side of the world in their Southern Hemisphere…

Johnny Exodice


As The Oracle [chosen] +=+ before my Birth by what the ROMAN Catholics would call the SWORD OF GOD “Touched” too my Temple in my Mothers Vision: as she Died before I was birth, I am the only person ON BOTH SIDES of this {Celestial Sphere} that is connected to The Source of All Creation and The Source of All Destruction, and I have both “access” to the Holy Spirit and the unholy Spirit, and if you do not (heed) [{**}] my WARNING as An Oracle, not a Prophet, nor Messiah, then your WORLD LEADERS will {kill you all} / * \ be you Human or nonhuman [{*}] in these Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body TEMPLE AVATARS of [Temporary] lives as: Blades of Grass…….

The Society of nonmason~

You are born into PURGATORY, but this [Purgatorial] /-\ does not have to be this FOREVER and EVER from the New Testament, youm can achieve A “Stratocracy” with OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition: that is a BLUE PRINT……..., and A ROAD MAP [too defeat] the G20 of CORPORATION Capitalist of {G4S] U.N. Troops “of and for” their Hollywood {NEWS} World Order: Military MEDICATED Militant (World Empire) called Agenda 2030…

The Sentinel…

Σ † π ∞ ‡ Ω

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