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How The ANTI-MLM Community Fell Apart.

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 154 Views
Published on 22 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

Since everyone has been telling their "truth" lately, I thought I might as well tell mine. Not to add to the "drama", but to hopefully put an end to all this nonsense and re-focus the message back onto educational anti-mlm content and exposing scammers like I usually do. Thank you. This video is within all Fair Use Guidelines. If you feel any content in this video may contain copyrighted material, please contact the owner of this video through Instagram or email to discuss before taking action.

0:00 Intro
4:48 What is ANTI-MLM
6:05 Why MLM is a Scam
12:40 Why MLM Victims ARE Victims
15:20 Content Creators Policing Each Other
22:05 False Strike
27:50 "My Truth"
34:07 Roping Me Into Gossip
38:57 Gossiping Publicly
47:32 No Boundaries
55:10 Called My Videos "Hate" Videos
1:00:40 Confusing Dms
1:06:25 Acceptable Differences
1:09:10 The Departure
1:16:25 Conclusion

INSTAGRAM: @cruelworldhappymind

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Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith 1 month ago

Is Mary Kay a MLM, I don't know but it seems it's successful; how about Herbalife? There are some in your video I never heard of. Hype is not leadership, it is short term when making a business decision that when not presented correctly can cause animosity, at which time all efforts are in vain because animosity will not thrive a business, nor any, relationship. Business owners should not want half-hearted, half interested "down-lines who are just reacting to what "sounds like a good idea," but lack motivation. This person may be your customer and reach a time in his life when he is ready to hear the truth which is business is not easy, becoming a pilot, doctor, or what I am, an accountant is not easy, but it is easier when you have an experienced person who can encourage, guide, inspire, and lead somebody through training them. Franchises do this as well with the franchisee. How many years of training did it take to become a grocery store manager or a successful business owner, a lawyer or accountant partner at a firm or a ceo? All success has one thing in common: repetition over a long period of time using one's talents and skills. Now, after the decision to work a MLM, excitement is a positive emotion to share and tap into a down line; it's actually a management technique taught in an Organizational Behavior course. Emotions increase productivity and good managers get their employees to be more emotional than rational, give an achievable task (not shoot for the stars and all the money in the world this first month in business because it is not achievable), once the task is achieved there will be a huge learning curve, at which time you set high, attainable tasks to cause high productivity. There is plenty more MLM's that can be successful with the correct leadership. Ask down lines if they had such leadership or would be to able to offer their down line good leadership. Here is likely the greatest reason for low success rates; saturation may become a problem but as so many businesses expand, currently, this is unlikely too much of an issue.

I am totally with you that hype, short term sales for inventory, inhumane and unattached, contract focused attitude is horrible business practice and a lot of down line turnover is sure to occur. I expect you know about Amway since you are opposed to MLM. In the new down line set up, the person can change their mind and get a full refund of any inventory they purchased (purchases are not required), within between 90 - 180 days. No pressure. Their products have always been environmentally good products, soaps are mild/soft, concentrated so less packaging is used, how products are high quality, often directed at a specific cleaning or health need, and again, items can be returned 90-180 days, convenient i.e. take one multivitamin daily rather than 2 times a day. They have their own organic farm(s), Products are not cheap but their quality and concentration means you get a lot of uses from the products. Often, when comparing prices apples to apples and adjust for quantity and value added differentiation, the Amway price is close or acceptable for what you get in the product. So now for my question: this MLM, Amway, low pressure, money refund (not sure about the initial $65 sign up fee, within a reasonable time I think okay), the down line purchased product s/he would have purchased any way such as make up, body soap, toothpaste, dish soap, window cleaner, bathroom and kitchen cleaner, disinfectants, laundry soap, maybe drinks, gummies maybe that help focus or for immunity or for help sleeping; is Amway a scam? If you think so, please explain.

Most ordinary businesses do ( around 90 - 95 percent) fail within 5 years; the number one reason is financial.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

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