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How China Tracks Everyone - AI everywhere

Land of the Free
Land of the Free - 119 Views
Published on 23 Oct 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

This is the future some have in mind for the US, land of the free. How would you feel about being tracked all day long, even entering and exiting your home? The first step to rejecting this kind of future, is being aware of it.

This video has almost 3,000,000 views on YouTube.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

When Life is the HORROR SHOW, and not Halloween

It is said: A people whom can not find Human “Unity” shalt and wilt NEVER leave purgatory, and they will be damned for all time, and As WE THE PEOPLE have learned that WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is against The LAW of our PEOPLE, whom are these “nonhumans” from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere to tell [we humans] @QBALL /_\ must die cause we are young freemason lodge members, and our “duty” to The BLOOD OATH we took too betray all OATHS to our birth religions, and our birth Flags has made we The Children of the MASONS the most hated people in the world with our World Domination PLOT of (covid19) The {NEWS} World Order where those who watch TV become Enraptured by “Enchantments” and Charms called LET US ENTERTAIN YOU as Demons, and Devils, and PizzaGATE Satanist make we “nonmason” children join the freemason children to PLAY WAR GAMES, so Our OLD PEOPLE Can make “movies” too Glorify the God of War.?.?.?

Any one with half a brain, and the “Ability” to look into GREEK Mythology knows the word Celestial Sphere is this Fragile Bubble WE THE PEOPLE all live inside be we Human or nonhuman, or A mix of both known as {Hybrid People} whose EYES can go SOLID BLACK and do many other things dependent on the BLOOD of the “Angels” from the Book of Enoch that flows in our Hearts, and Minds, and Temporary Corporeal MORTAL Body Temple Avatars, and on this day of October 23, 2020 C.E. The VEIL has now passed to the “Next Generation” and the word Generation actually does mean 10,000 years of Torment, and Trials, and Tribulation just as that Amazing Grace Song sung by Elvis Presley did so see… I do not want to live another 10,000 lives for the “Sins” of my Mother Land, nor the Sins of my Father Land, not even my HOME LAND, but in the Bible it is said: We the Children of FREE MASON will suffer ETERNAL Damnation for embracing “their lies” and Their malfeasance on these TV Screens of INDOCTRINATION…

You are lucky to never know what goes on “inside” these FREE MASON Lodges in your home towns where we the FREE MASON Frat Boys, and Sorority Girls HAZE your “nonmason” children to death, for it is said the Adrenacrome taken: be it Aborted Babies TORTURED and Ripped too death inside the Womb is the Fuel of we THE GODS “among” you mere mortals: known as the PROFANE in every freemason lodge household, as we The MASONS took over your Police, Your Politics, and your military, and now the whole wide world with our CPTPP New WORLD Strategic Alliance; we can do WAR IS MURDER with Iran, Russia, North Korea, and “eventually” MADE IN CHINA!!! How easy it was to make you humans do as we nonhumans please cause we (33rd Degree) Masons are the CEO’s of Every Corporation in the Conspiracy known as SEDITION where we all said as one: if you do not put on The (COVID19) Halloween Mask, then you will “surely” die from the Corona Common Cold that HAS NO CURE!!!

The U.S. Elections were only done so Trump and Biden would be a [Distraction] as we MASONS Emptied the Banks of the world into the FEDERAL RESERVE that is owned by the WTO of the WHO of the IMF WORLD BANK……., and now that all is MADE IN CHINA that Red Dragon from the Book of Revelation where the MERCHANT SHIPS run no more, and The MERCHANTS do so cry, for you missed one SINGULARITY secular thought: Once all jobs, and banks are done by A.I. Robots, why would you ever return to any work: when all work is now done by Forced Slave Labor of Mechanization Technological INCANTATION, and still “you people” of this world have not one clue that Magic + Code + Alchemy = Sorcery is why We MASONS will {Inject you} / * \ with the Bill GATES OF HELL (covid19) Hypodermic Skin Penetrating NEEDLES of no cure, no way out, and JADE HELM 15 will have finally disarmed all American Citizens as was the Final CUT “of this” World Domination PLOT all along… Cause it was NEVER about Guns, it was about Breaking Your Spirits!!!

Johnny Exodice


There are no JOBS to return to, and if you “sign” that TERMINATION CONTRACT with your old company and employer, you agree too Forfeit all Rights to LAW and LIBEL for what these CORPORATIONS of these U.N. FLAGS have done where there is not one “proof” to date that (COVID19) is any more real in a True Court of LAW then all these FAKED MOON LANDINGS by the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of and for FREE MASON Lodges, and though your Religions, and your Government lied, and deceived, and mislead you…..., your true enemy is and will always be CORPORATIONS whom own your Social Security “NUMBERS” like Stock Exchange Bondage Notes where AUTOMATION has already damned [all humans] on this side of earth too death, just as the Other Side of the World has “always” been THE WORLD OF THE DEAD in the Old Testament Bible…

The Society of nonmason~

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I wonder “whom” are these people are getting that (covid19) Payment assistance????

The Sentinel…


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