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HOT MIC while "ON THE HOOK" 1940s? Last Scene (office)

Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson - 253 Views
Published on 22 May 2022 / In Technology

4 minutes in to this clip "Fraum's OFFICE" : LINKING the issues I have documented since the 1990s for phone audio unencrypted being sent from phones both on the hook for land lines and for those turned off or on the charge base for cordless or SDR -software definded radios called 'cellular phones' from the movie: VALKYRIE Historical or just a plot detail the SS could listen in? Col "Fraum" unplugs a desk phone that's listening : posted for : consideration, commentary - criticism and promotion of the film : from 2007 produced PRIOR to the Snowden #ANTcatalog leaks on the SDR - software defined radios which I call #VoluntaryAnkleBracelets where #Picasso "Hot Microphones" on the programmable update-able phones able to be recording everything we do since when ? 800,000 Agents & operatives, & contractors ? with security clearance is the estimate some intelligence whistleblowers and outliers have stated Like Kevin Shipp. With increased automation there's certainly a reason to suspect all OR MOST elected can be compromised to be made puppets of the "deep state" , jerked around to not go 'off the ranch' against the "intelligence community" or whomever may control the "dumb show" . With National Guard and fences up around D.C. it smells like A "Valkyrie " is in play in D.C. now: No?

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