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Hospitals Armed Security - Handgun Freeze

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Published on 31 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

5 Reasons Why Hospitals Need Professional Security Services

You might think hospitals are the last place where crimes would take place, but don’t be fooled. Most healthcare facilities report crimes happening right under their noses. In fact, around 75% of hospital executives claim that maintaining hospital security has become extremely hard in the current years.

Be it in terms of patient-staff welfare or following the code of conduct, hospital security is a crucial factor in today’s time. It is vital to implement strict security protocols to maintain peace and orderliness around the clock, especially in a place responsible for one’s health and well-being.

Trudeau Officially Freezes Handguns

Canada’s new rules regarding handguns go into effect on Friday, putting into place restrictions on handguns inside of the country and expanding on previous attempts to prevent imports.

“We have frozen the market for handguns in this country,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a press conference in Surrey, British Columbia.

Woe Canada: Trudeau announces handgun "freeze" now in effect

Canadians are no longer allowed to buy, sell, or transfer legally-owned handguns after a “freeze” on the firearms took effect on Friday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had previously announced the freeze back in May, which ironically (though unsurprisingly) led to a spike in sales in the months since. At a news conference in British Columbia on Friday morning, Trudeau announced that the new restrictions are now in effect.

Globalist Agenda, Phase 2: Trudeau Creates SOCIAL CHAOS In Canada

What was it that Cultural Action Party of Canada predicted when Justin Trudeau was first elected prime minister in 2015?

Outcome: domestic social chaos. Now, this phase of PM Trudeau’s assault upon Canadian society has arrived. As we previously posited, our current PM’s degree of culpability in this development is open to some debate.

Was Trudeau actually “seduced” by external forces into bringing social chaos to Canada? Is this Trudeau character merely a puppet in a game of globalist takeover of the dying Great White North?

Report Says Student Of Trudeau Signed $2 Million Non-Disclosure Agreement

According to InfoWars, a student at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver B.C. signed a $2.25 million dollar non-disclosure agreement to cover up a scandal involving current PM Justin Trudeau.

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