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Hollywood Actress Repeats What I’ve Been Saying All Along

Published on 12 May 2023 / In News and Politics

Marvel actress Evangeline Lilly took to Instagram to speak out against the recent push to make men less masculine and women less feminine. I've been saying this for years. To answer her question as to why it's happening, it's because they're after the family.

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MusicTime 9 days ago

We need more people speaking out like this!

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SliceOfLife 10 days ago

Great points Evangeline and Cadence. I miss the good old days where men were men and women were women. geez

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JamesRoss 11 days ago

This reminds me of Yuri Bezmenov exposing the stages for the destruction of a community and/or country:

After my years of researching what the hell is going wrong with political leaders ruling countries. I discovered that Freemasons are running things and other secret societies are also in the Mystery School Cult.
Freemasons are the sheepdogs behind collectivism, fascism, communism, socialism and the NWO.
The Agenda they follow is to destroy western civilization and all others in order to establish a supercomputer, A.i. ruled civilization that was used to build the megolithic, past high-tech civilizations... Freemasons direct the education system to keep the sheeple dumbed-down and ignorant of their Mystery School Agenda to genetically change Homo sapiens into another race of monsters like the ancient Homo capensis which Karen Hudes and Brien Foerster exposed.

Homo capensis are the sheepherders who don't want Homo sapiens in existence any longer. The goal is to eventually extinct our species and Freemasons are their brainwashed puppet sheepdogs following orders like the millitary dogs of war.

It all makes sense what the ancient, Homo capensis (spiritually failed mankind) are doing as they play the role of the devil and satan whom the secret societies help destroy our species.

Now, that the Tower-Of-Babel(TOB) is rebuilt again with A.i. becoming their new god again Homo capensis is pushing the Freemasons to trade their integrity for a lie of mind-uploads and fake immortality. (hard to believe our species is still so gullible with self-righteous masons and other cult thUgs too stupid to see through the brainwashing lies.) but it all makes sense, and humanity needs to wake up to their treachery.

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no0negun 20 days ago

It takes balls to say what that woman said!
Or……….. maybe just courage and reason.

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Tech Nuze
Tech Nuze 12 days ago

and common sense

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