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HIGHLIGHTS - Twitter Hires Indian CEO To Shield Themselves From Valid Criticism

Infowars - 106 Views
Published on 30 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

Short on time, but still want to stay informed? Today's War Room Highlights covers clips from all 3 hours of the broadcast with your host Owen Shroyer bringing you the news the mainstream won't!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Whom needs sleep when you are "trapped" in a Wheelchair, so I can push you around and tell you what to do till the END OF TIME in these Days of Noah one last time till 2094 CE???????

Since the "shade" in your eyes is {AI Technology} [{**}] of Canaanite Chaldean NANO Goo called "Weevils" in your eyes......., and since the Machine People whom have (eyes) that do this SOLID BLACK EYES........, and the many other Robotic Pupils of Cubes, and Triangles, and Snake to Cat Eyes, thence, these INJECTIONS of the #COVAXXED are dependent on your inability to NOT say NO to that Jab for a Job because you are a [Worthless Servant] Qballs~ /_\ to Our God in the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME!!!!

Just shine a Bright Light too see you still have your Natural Birth Color in your eyes as these (Magical Weevils) of VOO DOO [Sorcery] known as "Science" called TAKE YOUR PILLS and all these Injections have filled your "human" eyes with this A.I. Black Goo....

It is evident that Code + Magic + Alchemy = Sorcery........., and that Witchcraft in its truest Nature is "Science" being used as a Weapon against {all of mankind} /-\ on this this side of Flat Earth by them that are Androids on our TV Screens, and in these FREE MASON (Lodges) [{*}] of the UNITED NATIONS of Corporations called Agenda 21 + Agenda 2030, and since the U.N. Troops of JADE HELM 15 have replaced all police departments, and all military UNIFORMS with G4S Black Rock of Black Stone "Academy" SPACE FORCE Special Forces of the World Police of Peacekeepers on this side of FLAT EARTH in our {Shared Celestial Sphere} +=+ with the INNER EARTH Population of THEY LIVE being the OVER POPULATION of 6 Billion [Machine People] down below as WE ARE are the last Humans in this world top side, can we remedy these (SOLID) BLACK PUPILS by our own Magic and Sorcery known as an EMP Blast to their Human Flesh, and Blood, and Bones body because BLOOD is still made in the Bones of Mankind while these "Weevils" are just pills and injections that once we STOP taking the medications, we can piss out the [Nano] Robotics that are turning all humans into Mindless Militant MEDICATED Menticide Masses, and in that: destroy this Invasion of the Body Snatcher’s from the other Side of FLAT EARTH!!!!!

NOW of course you would want to take them that have (eyes) that go SOLID BLACK; as well as, those whom have nothing but the "Shade" of weevils in their Pupils' making their IRIS Cobalt Black, and test how much EMP Radio frequencies and [Vibrational] Sound Wave BLAST` does it take to kill all the Weevils in the Human Body too restore the {True Eye Color} to that person, and since EMP only kills and "disables" electronics in our Human Bodies be we New Borns to 99 years old, thence, if Magic and Sorcery; as far as, the SOLID BLACK EYES is just turning Humans into Compliant Androids, thence, once the EMP kills the {Weevils of Witchcraft} in the Blood, and the Flesh, thence, the Bones will (continue) to make New HUMAN ONLY "Blood" Cells with all the NANO Technology removed from our Human Bodies from the prior Mud Flood Wars that ended in 1855 AD being pissed out since NANO Technology cannot self replicate once destroyed by way of EMP putting an end to these Capitalist INTERNATIONALIST Corporation {suits and ties} AS the MATRIX controllers of this side of the world, the INNER EARTH Civilization, and whomever "remains" on the Other Side of this World in our Shared Celestial Sphere with No Sun and No Moon…

For if you do not find a way to TURN off these "Weevils" in your Eyes, thence, the Shade as we call you with (Cobalt Eyes) will become DRONE Hive Mind slave people and populations to this world of illusions and delusions as the Fake Jews of and for Hollywood USA USA USA From the {Book of Revelation} put you, and your Children into the Meta-Verse of the {OMNI-Verse} raising you, and your children as [Batteries] for the EDISON Web 3.0 INTERNET Crypto COMPUTER "Matrix" too do: as you are told, and you, and your children will all have SOLID BLACK EYES and SOLID BLACK PUPILS no matter how Light your skin once was….

Once your "eyes" go from Blue and Green and Brown IRIS into these (Capitalist) COVID-19 Solid Black Pupils aka these {AI Weevils} in your flesh and blood, BUT NOT Your Bones, unless, the Weevils are TUNNELING into your very bones at this writ, thence, when your eyes go [SOLID] Black like all the Androids on your TV Shows, you'm too will lose all free will, and from now till the END OF DAYS in 2094 CE "always" do as youm are told CONSUMER / INVESTOR by the very Capitalist INTERNATIONALIST "Suits" youm do so too EMPLOY known as these Gorilla WARFARE Corporations of WAR IS MURDER in your LOCAL Domestic Populations Religious Governments….

#LowKARG ?

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