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Published on 17 May 2020 / In Gaming


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

The TEN Ideals “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

1) Thou shall not WORSHIP` for too worship is to beg of…., and you did not beg to be born……., nor did your PARENTS beg of their “Mothers and Fathers” to have The Right too Exist…

2) Thou Shall not [COVIT] for you have no right to possess or “own another” no matter your placement in this “Celestial Sphere” Home World of Purgatory…

3) Thou shall “not steal” for there is no need to steal from HUMANS when we humans have all we need when we plant Seeds and Water them and allow “Mother Heaven” and Father Earth to grow all that we could ever want, need, or desire…

4) No person “shall be” put in Prison or Jails for these DUNGEONS serve no PURPOSE to heal a People whom can “investigate” and RESEARCH what happened…..., and make a way to prevent “such troubles” in our life walks..., and in this.., if you do MURDER., then you are to be Banished too live among “the ones” you harmed…….., so they may keep a watch “on your” Flesh and Blood and Bones body till the day “you die” to this life……..., so you may be “raised better” in your future birth…

5) No person shall be denied “the right” to live off the land, sea, or even “in the air” with Sky Ships…

6) No Person “shall be denied” The Right to travel from “here to there” no matter what REALM….., or Dimension your ESOTERIC “Celestial Being” came from…

7) All people have “the right” to congregate, enjoy fellowship, and make babies, so we may “always have” Human Flesh and Blood and Bones “Communities” of Dignity, Integrity, Virtues, and Honor…

8) If you do not work, then you will not eat, and even though no one “shall be denied” food, shelter, or drink, we are born into this “Earthly Realm” too PARTICIPATE in the “Human Condition” of good and evil, so please “choose well” as to the thoughts “you hold” against your self, and your fellow mankind “be we” male and female…

9) Any one can “learn magic” and healing, and skills, and A trade….., and people may make “any types” of Technology – Mechanization – or “NO TECH” Communes, and in that, there is “no more need” for any [MASTER / SLAVE] Systems, Establishments, or Agencies…

10 ) Thou Shall not lie or “keep secrets” to harm one another, or even themselves, for we will still have to deal with EVIL SPIRITS, and to keep “them” in check, you must “talk” to one another, and help one another as any Decent – Truthful – Honest person shall, and those “whom do” live by Lies, Deceit, and Guile shall become the Forsaken, Profane, Cursed, and Dammed People “walking among” we of THE WAY…, and The Living…

We are The NEW WINE SKINS of the “New Heaven” and The New Earth, and all shall “be well” if we but raise “all people” with the same Truths, Knowledge, and Enlightenment!!!

The Society of nonmason~


Now if you know nothing about our FLAT EARTH MUD FLOOD WORLD, then look at the Super Cities of the {Pre Mud Flood} Mandela Effect Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854…..


AS YOU CAN SEE [TIME CAPSULES] of the PRE WORLD WAR WORLD {was not} what these FREE MASON Fucks say!!!

The Green hat`


TRUMP will Drop {Nuclear Hydrogen Weapons} on Seattle Washington on 11-03-2020 C.E.

The Commander~


NEW WORLD ORDER updates at mewe.com/i/johnnyexodice and UGETube.com same guy!!!

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