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Published on 17 May 2020 / In Gaming
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

Those whom resist, and those whom resolve

You would do well to know that there are TWO PEOPLES in this place known as our Celestial Sphere Dual FLAT Earth of Heaven and Hell here in purgatory, and that would be those whom choose evil` thinking they can cheat their fate for all the wicked cruel despicable things they have done in this SIMULATION Video Game of Right and Wrong, Left and Right, and UP or DOWN!!! That said, those whom choose good are not “at the mercy” of those whom choose to lie – cheat – steal, and bear False Testamentary be it in a Court Room, a place of RELIGIONS, or The Governments of this world, and too those whom thought WE THE PEOPLE “would never see” past all the Illusions, and Delusion, and INSTITUTIONS of THE CRAFT of your FREE MASON Lodges, and Temples, and Houses of S.A.T.A.N.?.?.?.?.?, we have shut down one EDISON, and only TWO more to go…

It matters not to The Rag Tag Rebellion when we get to them other “TWO CONTINENTS” left off the U.N. Flags Maps for we can see instruction from “The Sentinel” is on its way, and though you put the whole wide world on LOCK DOWN to pull off some Fake News Baked up Cobe Burger BAT SNAKE (COVID19) for the nonmason masses, we The Society of NONMASON now hold the cards to remove every FREE MASON Judge, Copper, Mayor, to even you Kings and Queens of Presidents at your EXCELLENCY, and MAJESTIES {Theme Parks} incantations where once you controlled the minds, and the thoughts of the many, but since you kept WE THE PEOPLE [Locked Up] under House Arrest, those of us whom COMPREHEND the Rules of PURGATORY have taken to killing any and all “no matter” their age whom have Sold Out THEIR OATH OF OFFICE to our States, Our Flags, and OUR CONSTITUTIONS!!!

There were many whom could not wait for THE DAY OF RECKONING, and they stole from their families, they took from their friends, and they harmed, and hurt, and hit “all the rest” whom would not BOW DOWN to lies, and deceptions that these (COVID19) Global Citizens of this GLOBAL GOVERNMENT forgot one thing!!!! You can not OUTLAW our NATIONS Rights!!! It matters not too me if you are The Pope on Dope to the President of the UNITED NATIONS for you see, we the people “know” that if our Leaders` be they a Town Church Elder too THE MARSHAL of our County, and they do not Protect, and Teach, and Preach the CONSTITUTION of our Country, then they are Traitors doing Sedition, and Treachery, and yes…, even High Treason, and in that, we CITIZENS of our Nations are Legally and “Duty Bound” to kill, and murder, and assassinate anyone who says: YOUR NATIONS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS “are now” Null and Void!!!!

For if there is no U.S. Constitution, Canadian Constitution, Australian Constitution, French Constitution,, or even the Magna Carta of England, then there is no King or Queen or DICTATOR PRESIDENT to Represent the Legal Document known to be Symbolized in our Nations States FLAGS, and this is just the RULE OF LAW that if we have no Constitutional Protections in THE 50 STATES FOR AMERICA, then the U.S. Military has not CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS, nor the U.S. Government, or even them Local Beat C.O.P.S. to them National Guards, too even you the once proud, and decent, and honorable CITIZENS “of this land” or any land!!! Therefore, any world leader that says: STAY HOME – SELF ISOLATE – CLOSE YOUR BUSINESS is breaking the “Coat of Arms” for your Countries most important ink on paper……., and that is THE CONSTITUTION of your Nation, and you are to remove them “from their positions” of AUTHORITY, and arrest them “for failure” to protect the public well being, the public health, and the TAX PAYER that “keeps them” employed…..

Johnny Exodice

If “THEY LIVE” do not uphold the LAW whom live off our Taxes – Tithing – Tribute, then they no longer REPRESENT “The Rule of Law” in our Towns, Cities, Countries…

The Society of nonmason~



Magna Carta, English Great Charter, charter of English liberties granted by King John on June 15, 1215, under threat of civil war and reissued, with alterations, in 1216, 1217, and 1225. By declaring the sovereign to be subject to the rule of law and documenting the liberties held by “free men,” the Magna Carta provided the foundation for individual rights in Anglo-American jurisprudence.


You can hear all the “Petty Words” they say……., but if they ARREST YOU For Laws you have “no say in” as A TAX PAYING CITIZEN, then they your “Town Elders” are Breaking the RULE OF LAW, and you must deal with them Harshly…..., so they do not “trick or treat” your children into the ways of False Pretense!!! For we CITIZENS are not cowards….., nor do we “Act Cowardly” whom are The Members, Constituents, and Representative CITIZENS “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition “at war” with all UNITED NATIONS International Mafia of Pirate FLAGS called “Your Countries” FLAGS at this time!!!


If your KING or QUEEN President is not held to THE RULE OF LAW “then” neither are you!!! Do as thou wilt my Angels and Demons for these FREE MASON Lodges have “fucked you” all over for the NEW WORLD ORDER of Cowards, and Criminals, and Crooks……

Dear: United Nations, you can not just “Absolve” OUR LAWS without “the permission” of WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!

The Commander~


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