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Hidden Brainchip Technology by Wayne at WhatsupCanada

JamesRoss - 206 Views
Published on 13 Feb 2023 / In People and Blogs


It is important to realize that the Luciferians pushing for their NWO bioeconomy are deceptionists.

The human soul cannot be removed by any genetic technology crap. A.i. is an outworn technology facing the spiritual expansion of humanity as a civilization as Luciferians destroy their own souls through murderous-intent. The murderous monsters are filtering their own souls into a probable world of unworthiness response by Nature. The last unworthiness response was when Nature destroyed the Atlantean Empire due to spiritual-unworthiness. Nature responded to the agony within the monsters and killed them to release them. Their wanting to end their agony became so forceful that Atlantis was destroyed... just like this NWO is filled with the unworthy and they will draw to them their own destruction. Time for the monsters to grow-up or experience their needed lesson, again, just like before. Hiding down in their DUMBs will not "save" their asses.

I have found the Freemasonic-Luciferian sheepdogs to be the lowest level of soul-integrity and that is what makes their kind group into Cult secret society branches like upper Catholics, Freemasons, Mormons, Eastern-stars, Rosicrucians and their like minded cults. The rest of homo sapiens will work towards a better world as described by the Sethbooks:
but you cannot be lazy expecting a rapture... that is just an ancient devils' trick.

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JamesRoss 4 months ago  

Wayne does not realize that they are all hivemind-linked together with brainchips and all controlled simultaneously as one by their rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel. Http://

The hivemind served the ancient elongated skull species Homo capensis that created the Agendas and the Mystery School Cult to orchestrate the Agendas in front of the sheople. All the World is a Stage play to the Luciferians who choose to follow orders to extinct Homo sapiens and replace us with bio-robots.
Either human beings rise above the treachery of the Luciferians or our species goes extinct leaving the Homo capensis to destroy themselves later on.

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