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Haa! Someone Please Tell David That The Police Are Mostly Freemasonic Luciferians Helping Rise New Atlantis... Oblivious To Run Away!

JamesRoss - 214 Views
Published on 02 Aug 2022 / In People and Blogs

If you cannot stand for your birth right that your Creator-God gave you.... Then run away??? Who is this goof?
Thou shall stand thy ground and not stand down to the satan-race and their Luciferian minions! Thou shall have the power of the Creator-God behind you and within you if you show simple courage to defy tyranny.


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JamesRoss 11 days ago

Wow! Run away from where the Creator-God had you born? Not a chance... just replace the Luciferian police by voting them all out with their Freemasonic politicians who have infiltrated all positions of authority in Canada and every where else.
Wow! he said to run away from the monsters... there is no place to run David. You will now have to do what William Cooper suggested by drawing your line in the Earth that you were born on. If the monsters want to genocide you, then make your choice if you will lay down and die for their tyranny.

If you resist tyranny then you will likely win with superior numbers. If you run then you will die a cowards death as you all get picked-off by Luciferians.

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