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Gun Controller RANT over ATF loss reveals all you need to know about Gun Controllers...

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Published on 12 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

#2a #guncontrol #biden #democrat
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In today's Bullet Points episode, we discuss how a Gun Controller rant in the Washington Post reveals all you need to know about their thought process and it isn't a pretty picture... Let's discuss people!

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Gunpatch 1 month ago

Not only is the Left superior in intellect, and therefore entitled to run our lives, but they are also superior in morality as compared to all the tyrants that have come before them. They are so "good" that they can not fail. Of course the common man is not only stupid, but so immoral that he can not be trusted to even speak for himself. Dissent is not's just too dangerous!

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hatbox 1 month ago

I'm happy Chipman's nomination was withdrawn. That guy is anti white, anti American, anti free speech, and anti 2A.There are rumors he was involved in the Waco siege. WAPO and NYT's opinion means absolutely nothing to me.

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