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Greta Thunberg Dance Off | Fridays for Future | Never gonna give you up - Song | Climate Live 2021

ez4me2c2 - 175 Views
Published on 18 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

LOL Greta Thunberg sings from the heart! For the climate and for you ❤️

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 1 month ago

Her handlers let her out without combing her hair, wearing something other than sweats? We know she's retarded & her parents are Satanists (see them dancing at the Satanic Ritual opening of the tunnel through the mountain), but doesn't she have a keeper that cares about her? And she looks 3-4 months along.
P.S. PLEASE. We have seen enough of this dumbass shithead KID that expects obedience from real GROWN UPS that have actually WORKED, raised families, PAID BILLS, & KNOW wtf is happening on Earth.
I clicked on this because I thought it was a joke- like her head on someone else's body to be funny or something. ugh.

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